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Great news to everyone who loves hiking and enjoying what nature has to offer during the summer months in Oakville! The newly launched interactive maps highlighting Oakville’s cycleways, trails and parks was announced a few days ago. Not only that, but the new interactive maps also feature the streets and how to get to listed local business establishments.

Outstanding Features of the Interactive Map

Navigating around Oakville is made much easier and enjoyable for residents and non-residents alike. Since its summer now and with just a few weeks just to go before the Jazz Festival, the launching of the new map couldn’t be more timely.

You can test out the new interactive and its other features by seeing the online Explore Oakville mapping tool which can be visited at

Interactive Map Highlights

The Oakville Interactive Map features helpful and informative tools which can help residents to pinpoint just what exactly it is that they want to see or find.

Another feature is the greenspace map, which has a ‘point identify’ tool which lets people have a look at the exact kind of green space is nearby. Viewing where wood lands, valley land and natural heritage systems are located is made super easy.

Since its summer, the most popular map would no doubt be the trail and cycleways map which allows residents to see Oakville’s trails, cycleways, trail features and walkways. The map also has updated information on trail closure as soon as it is available.

If you are a cyclist, you will no doubt enjoy browsing the link to Google Street View wherein you can see the bike routes on street level view and will allow you to decide if that particular street or route is good for your needs, all in the comfort of your couch, desk, or home. Isn’t that exciting?

According to a press release, Mayor Burton says that "Council supports developing online resources that simplify the way Oakville residents access information to explore our amazing town," and adds "The new interactive maps are great tools for planning an outdoor Oakville adventure with family and friends." We agree of course.

Make the Most out of the New Interactive Map

If you are new to Oakville or perhaps planning to move into the town, you will no doubt find a ton of use for the map. Even residents will have a good time using it. If you are into events planning or perhaps wants to see new places to explore or just curious about the whole town and its layout plus its mesmerizing nature parks, then have a look via the map first and save and bookmark routes or trails before you go for easy access later. Are you a restaurant connoisseur? Then plan out your Oakville restaurant-hopping adventure using the maps ad save it on your tablet or phone. You don’t need to be a nature buff or a health nut to make the most out of the interactive map, you just have to be a bit inventive.

If you are interested in living in Oakville and finding your dream luxury home at our town, don’t hesitate to contact us. We may not have interactive maps to show you our listings but we’d be happy to show you our available homes around the area and take you for a viewing.

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