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High-end house hunters are on the loose in Oakville looking for Oakville luxury homes for sale… but what is a luxury home? It’s not just a price tag, and if you want to frame your home that way you’re going to want to know the difference. Here we’re going to go over the demand that’s driving the market and everything else that people are on the lookout for (infinity pools and wine cellars are popular), so let’s get started.

Why Oakville Real Estate?

Oakville luxury homes for sale have a lot to offer, especially for people who are coming in from Toronto. It’s close enough to the city to commute every day, but it’s far enough away that you don’t have to think about things when you’re there. It’s the little things that people are attracted to; a large wine cellar isn’t a must, but smaller Oakville luxury homes for sale are. But don’t let small footprints fool you, house hunters are still looking for homes that are beautifully appointed and have those must have perks that they can’t do without.

Convenience Over Cost

More and more buyers are looking at Oakville real estate from a convenience standpoint instead of a cost standpoint. Buyers are paying the premium to be part of sustainable communities. Oakville offers a safe and eco-friendly alternative to Toronto’s urban sprawl. They’re not just buying brand new properties either, you’ll find many looking for older homes with character that are at the heart of downtown Oakville. It’s all just a matter of perspective when it comes to figuring out what luxury really is.

One of the Latest Trends in Oakville Real Estate

One of the latest trends in Oakville luxury homes for sale happens to be “student residences”. When most of us think of student residences, we think of dark dank dorm rooms at university. Toronto is attracting international interest due to the educational sector in the area, and many parents from Asia, the Middle East and Europe are coming here to work and put their children through university. They want their children to be comfortable, but they want them far away, and that’s where student residences come in. These are often just luxury condos that offer all the comforts of home in a secure safe environment where they can become independent adults.

What is a High End Home?

With so many people moving to the GTA area, they’re not always looking for the penultimate of luxury (and if they try to find it they might just run into a “P5 Penthouse Apartment”), but they are looking for something that they can work to their needs. If you’d like to know what your options are for Oakville luxury homes for sale, talk to us! We’re Oakville luxury realtors who understand that an informed buyer is a happy buyer. If you’re a seller who wants to find the right image for your Oakville real estate, we can help you there too! Contact us today and see what we can do for you. 

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