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Oakville garnered a whopping 87% in the recently concluded 2015 Citizen Survey process. Although, these numbers are great, it certainly does not come as a surprise for those of us who already live here!

The survey, which was completed in the early weeks of 201, was conducted by the Town to see what Oakvillians think and feel regarding the programs being implemented by the government and how satisfied they are with the direction the Town is taking in all aspects. Not many towns truly cares about hitting the right notes with its residents, but Oakville surely does!

The 2015 Citizen Surveys

The 2015 Report Card to Citizens is not just born out of one survey, but rather a group of surveys to ensure that the report would reflect what residents has to say. Aside from the online survey on Idea Forum which talked about the Town’s services, programs, and more; a phone survey was also conducted with the help of Pollara Strategic Insights to properly gauge how the Town is truly doing from an Oakvillian’s point of view. But why? Because the best way to ensure that strategic priorities are being set properly and that service expectations are being met is to ask the people who are experiencing them first hand!

Outstanding Results!

All the effort have paid off well for Oakville! The survey results says that 87% of Oakvillians are happy with how the municipal government is doing. More so, this figure is consistent across income, age, and gender – which means that residents from all backgrounds generally think that the Town is doing great. This result is also consistent with the figures from 2013, which only means that the Town is indeed on the right track!

The Survey Results

Below are data on how the Town fared according to its residents:

  • In terms of customer service experience, Oakville got an overall 84% satisfaction as rated by residents.
  • For key Town aspects, residents are 90% satisfied and marked the Town with an 85% satisfaction rate for Town services.

So what are the other juicy details?

It turns out that Oakville has been rated the highest for feeling of belonging and being safe, parks and green spaces, and public library spaces at 95%, 94%, and 90% respectively. These marks are not a surprise, for Oakville has been truly giving residents the best in those areas with projects and services such as reminding clients about safety measures like making sure they know about fire safety, making sure that greenspace and trees are protected, and preserving the Town’s culture and heritage through festival celebrations and launching programs which fosters community spirit.

As for issues, residents have clearly voiced out that the number one challenge which Oakville is facing these days is community growth and how to control it. Although only 13% of residents mentioned this issue, the fact remains that it is an issue which needs to be addressed for the town to not lose what distinguishes it from other parts of GTA.

Another key update is that the survey showed that about 74% of Oakville residents these days identify online sources such as as their primary source of Oakville-related information. In fact, 76% of survey respondents prefer to interact with the Town through the use of online tools. Good thing that the Town launched several online tools for accessing Oakville related information last year, right?

Want to see more of the survey results and take a look at what past survey results are like as well? Then head on the Oakville Citizen Survey 2015 page and see for yourself why Oakville is one of the best places in Canada to live in.

Want to take part in future Oakville surveys? Then make Oakville your home! Our Town has various neighbourhoods which suits a wide range of lifestyles. Contact us and let us assist you in finding that elusive dream home of yours right here in Oakville!

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