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With green space occupying a large area of its land, the residents of Oakville do enjoy a close to nature type of living. However, the extra trees can sometimes present a hazard to other amenities of the Town, just like its power lines. In view of this, Oakville will be trimming trees which are encroaching on power lines beginning at the first month of next year in behalf of Oakville Hydro.

Tree Pruning for Better Services

For those who may not be aware of the tree pruning cycle, Oakville Hydro does prune or trim down tree branches near power lines every 3 years in collaboration with the Town of Oakville and help of local tree pruning service providers. This is done to ensure uninterrupted electrical services.

Oakville Hydro’s tree trimming program will affect an estimated 18,000 private and municipal owned trees. This will not harm the trees but rather make them more structurally resilient and stronger to stand against weather events such as extreme ice storms, according from John McNeil, the manager of the Town’s forestry services. Concerned residents may voice out what they think and learn more about the process at a public open house which is scheduled from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on the 12th of November 2014.

The tree pruning schedule follows the 3 year tree trimming cycle standardized by the Electrical Safety Authority or ESA. The standard also states that a 3 metre or a 10 foot clearance above power lines or electrical wires is the minimum requirement. In view of this and for safety reasons, some trees may necessitate complete removal instead of just simple pruning.

The Town assures residents that the arborists hired for the project will first do an extensive inspection prior to marking trees for removal instead of pruning. McNeil further states that the arborists or the professional tree service contractors’ first priority for pruning is the health of the trees which will undergo the trimming process. He also says that residents who own the trees to be removed will be informed and contacted prior to removing the trees which trimming cannot save. The owners will also be contacted for trees which are located in backyards and which will have to be accessed from within the owner’s property.

There is really no cause for alarm, as the tree pruning service is all part of Oakville Hydro’s commitment to providing better service with the Town’s blessing and collaboration. For more information, residents are advised to speak with the Town’s Forestry section representatives, Oakville Hydro’s team, and the Davey Tree Expert Company staff at the open house where all questions will be addressed. More information is also available at Oakville Hydro’s website including the tree trimming schedule per area.

Oakville Cares for Trees!

The tree pruning services is just one of the many environmental safety projects Oakville supports and implements. Aside from protecting trees and advocating more safe green space, the Town also has programs to combat tree-damaging insects to ensure a healthy and safe greenery for all Oakvillians.

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