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There is no stopping the demolition of the former OTMH (Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) building at Reynolds Street this summer, nevertheless, the Town wants to make sure that residents are aware of how it will be carried out.

Last month, the town presented residents with what to expect at the demolition of the former OTMH to clarify any safety issues. The demolition is set to happen over a span of 12 months.

Demolition Details Shared

A comprehensive demolition strategy was shared with Oakville residents at the Town hall in 1225 Trafalgar Rd. from 6 to 8 pm on March 1, 2017. The residents got to hear about the overall performance guidelines as well as the types of demolition activities that will be carried out at the old hospital site. There was also a discussion about specific constraints as well as strategies that will be implemented during the demolition plus the types of demolition activities to expect and what will be done to minimize traffic, dust, and noise during the process.

In a media release, Mayor Rob Burton shared that much work has already been done at the former hospital site to prepare it for the upcoming demolition phase.

Residents were able to ask questions about debris, dust, noise, and traffic issues during the last open house. In this one, they found out more about the comprehensive strategies that were planned to address their concerns and other issues that may arise.

The Town shared hat the demolition will be completed using standard mechanical demolition. It is the most widely-used method in demolishing buildings and uses cranes, articulated lifts, and other specialized mechanized equipment. This also allows the demolition to be as environmentally-friendly as possible with the contractor being able to divert as much waste as possible away from landfills by incorporating reduce, reuse, and recycle concepts in the process.

A Lot of Planning

It should be noted that the whole entailed more than just the act of demolishing buildings as it also involves conducting a community needs assessment, figuring out the best location for the centre and park, plus planning for the use of remaining lands for residential and other purposes.

The plans for the former hospital site as of now is for it to be converted into a community centre, park, and residential area. It is estimated that it will take 3 years after the demolition for the development of the community centre to be completed. The projected opening date of the community centre is at the end of 2020.

More Exciting News

The LHIN (Local Health Network) is currently conducting a third-party study about the surrounding area’s future health needs. This is to take into consideration what residents requested in initial surveys. There are also plans for further investigation of opportunities for joint programming at the hospital site as the old hospital site is a part of Oakville’s South Central lands Study which is about the future uses of key sites in south central Oakville.

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