Posted 5.14.14 @ 8:35 by: Staff

The Town of Oakville transit building received LEED Silver certification from the Canada Green Building Council, just showing us again how much and how far Oakville has come in its dedication to the environment. Mayor Rob Burton presented the LEED Silver certification plaque to the community late last week, making it the second building in the city to win the certification.

Why is LEED so Important?

LEED, or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification awarded to those who construct buildings or homes in an environmentally sustainable way. This could be by using LEED certified building materials, by reducing energy requirements and increasing efficiency…

There are literally one hundred ways to fry an egg on this one - but the results remains the same.

Mayor Rob Burton said that, “This Council is committed to adding facilities and green building,” and that “Achieving a LEED Silver certification is a significant accomplishment that reflects the town’s dedication to sustainability practices that enhance our environment and reduce operational costs.”

What Makes This Building Special?

This new building features some state of the art design that will carry it through for many decades. It’s the town’s first geothermal heating and cooling system, cutting the amount of electricity and natural gas it needs to stay level throughout the year.

It also features permeable paving, which will reduce storm water runoff by as much as 50%. It’s all adding up to creating new infrastructure that’s not just environmentally friendly, but smart too!

Future public buildings will follow in the footsteps of this transit centre, and it’s expected that many of the design elements (underground water tanks, permeable paving, and native landscaping) will be used throughout the rest of the city in later projects.

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