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Hello Oakvillians! Have you started decorating your homes for the holidays? Depending on when you get to read this blog article, you may either be scrambling to get your home fancied up with some festive décor or may be cozily sipping a hot beverage and enjoying the warmth the holidays seems to bring. But wait, before we all get too comfortable, let’s not forget that the best way to enjoy the holidays is to first ensure that we’re safe. After all, we don’t want to put a damper on our happy mood don’t we?

12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety

With December leading the months in which the most fatal fire accidents often occur, Fire Chief Lee Grant says that knowing how to protect yourself and your family as well as how to prevent holiday accidents is key to enjoying the season. In view of this, the Ontario Fire Marshall launched a campaign on the 12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety, a promotion which the Oakville Fire Brigade supports wholeheartedly. The campaign’s main purpose is to raise awareness about the steps you can take to be safe from the additional dangers which the holiday season can bring as well as to inform Oakvillians about the hazards which are common during the season.

From the 9th to the 24th of December 2015, Oakville’s Fire Brigade will give away 12 fire safety tips and kits to winning residents every weekday. Joining in the fun is quite easy. All you have to do is to retweet or share the fire safety tips and voila, not only did you help spread holiday safety awareness, you also gave yourself a chance to win a merry holiday safety kit as a gift!

A kit which features a flameless candle, a home fire safety information booklet, a smoke alarm, and a carbon monoxide alarm awaits winners. Winners will of course be chosen randomly from the pool of participants.

What to Tweet and Share

The following are the fun and easy to remember messages for each day of the campaign, as enumerated by Gary Laframboise, Oakville’s chief fire prevention officer:

Day 1: Ensure daily watering of fresh trees.
Day 2: Check all lights prior to use.
Day 3: Smoke alarms should be in tip-top shape.
Day 4: Comply with the lay by installing carbon monoxide alarms and protect your family
Day 5: Ensure every family member can get out of the house if the need arises
Day 6: Use extension cords safely.
Day 7: Give space heaters space. 
Day 8: Opt for flameless candles

Day 9: Keep matches and lighters away from small hands
Day 10: Keep an eye on the heater.
Day 11: Request smokers to smoke outdoors.
Day 12: Practice responsible drinking - and we don’t mean simply taking a cab home.

A simple act such as leaving holiday lights on for too long or stringing too many of them on a single extension line can mean the difference between having a merry time or having an accident . Find out more about the 12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety by visiting the Town’s website or watching the short promotional youtube video. This is the fourth year that the organisers are involving social media to raise awareness. They are hoping to get better exposure and more participants from Facebook and Twitter to engage more residents.

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