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The Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is coming up, and lots of you will no doubt be enjoying the long weekend with family and loved ones. There’ll be fall cookouts, some merrymaking, and other festivities. Sadly, not all Canadians will be able to join in the fun.

Hunger in our country is real. Despite the overall great economy, many families have fallen on hard times. Some of them cannot even provide 3 full meals for themselves in a day. Although community food banks exist, the families in need are growing as well. In fact, the Oakville Food Bank nearly ran out of food over the summer.

Oakville Thanksgiving Food Drive 2016

The Oakville Fare Share program aims to make this Thanksgiving a warm one for our less fortunate community members. The Oakville Fare Share Thanksgiving food drive will run from the 3rd of October until the 18th in an effort to replace summers depleted stocks and provide meals for people in need this Thanksgiving.

The Speers Road food bank actually ran out of items, as shared by Oakville Fare Share volunteer president Nancy Bromberg. Medium and large cans of soup, canned salmon, side dishes, hot cereal, as well as canned corn were wiped out this summer.

Bromberg further shares that running out of food is fairly common by the end of the summer months, but this year proved to be extra challenging. As a result, they are really looking forward to an awesome Thanksgiving turnout to fill the warehouse’s shelves for the winter ahead.

But how much food does Food Share really need?

A LOT! The Speers Road warehouse serves about 350 to 400 families a month!

Bromberg says that these families are not 100% reliant on them and are just going through a rough patch in life. Some are way over their heads in debt and so are having a hard time putting their lives back on track.

You Can Help!

Food donations are totally accepted! You can also volunteer your time should you want to do that.

Food donations can be dropped at all Oakville grocery stores’ Fare Share collection bins. More so, all Oakville Fire stations and the food bank itself are drop off points.

If you have no idea what to give, a list of the most needed items for the season ahead are listed at

You can also send in monetary donations so that the food bank can use it to purchase whatever else is needed, such as perishable items like ground beef, fish, ham, chicken, cheese, and fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Some of the donated cash will be used to pay for vouchers that are provided to local families to purchase supermarket items such as eggs and milk.

Rest assured that your help will go to those who really need them. All families served interviewed to ensure that they truly qualify for the help. They are also regularly assessed to see if their circumstances have changed. The food bank clients are served on Mondays from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, and on Thursdays from 3 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening.

Note that since Fare Share is a registered charity, they can issue you tax receipts for your donations. You may visit for more information or call them at 905-847-3988. Planning to volunteer? Call 905-845-8014 on the weekends or after half-past 7 in the evening for weekdays.

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