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Music lovers of Oakville rejoice! With only a few weeks to go before the 22nd edition of the Downtown Oakville Festival lavishes us with soulful music come August 8 and 9, excitement runs rampant amongst jazz lovers no doubt!

Oakville Jazz Festival 2014 Performers

The 2014 TD Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival will showcase Oakville’s finest jazz artists of present time such as Subourbon Street, The Hogtown Syncopators, Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio, Frank Horvat Band, Ginger St. James & The Grinders, Gone Fission, The Soul Motivators, ZimZum, Griffith Hiltz Trio, Hailee Rose, Miray, Mitch Frohman Jazz Quartet, Roger Chong, Ruthie Foster, High Rendition Jazz, Manteca, Alysha Brilla, Autorickshaw, Charlie Kert and Daryl Stuermer Duo.

Expect to have your auditory senses be mesmerized as you savor the various branches and roots of Jazz such as Ragtime, Blues, Latin, Smooth, Fusion, Swing, World Music, Dixieland and Acid. Every member of the family will surely find a tune or two to tap their feet into.

An opportunity like this only comes once a year, so you better find a way to have some free time on August 8 and 9, 2014 to indulge in this annual treat. The festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of Oakville residents and the restaurant owners, store owners and sponsors who all gave their all out support to make this annual event possible so do your share and help spread the word about this free music event.

Outdoor performances will be held in several venues the whole two days of August 8 and 9. Below is the schedule for performance dates, times and performers:

oakville jazz schedule

How to Get to the Oakville Downtown Jazz Festival

Oakville Transit will provide free transportation to the festival from Oakville GO station. Your return ride to the station is likewise free, but if you want to go the TD Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival yourself, just drive around the area of Lakeshore Road East, Allan Street, Navy Street and side streets. The festival set-up would be difficult to miss as there would be performance stages everywhere in the downtown corridor.

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