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Outside of St. Petersburg and Moscow you won’t find too many five star hotels deserving of the rating - but if you’ve somehow secured last minute tickets to The Olympics, you’ll have to find a place to stay… and hope that there are rooms still available. Again, when it comes to Sochi, some of your options will be a bit “hit or miss”. Let’s check ‘em out!

Granate Hotel: $430 a Night

granat hotel

Utilitarian, “modern”, and close to the airport, it’s got a sauna and very little in the way of amenities. But its outdoor pool probably doesn’t work so well in the wintertime (no mention on their website of whether or not it’s heated), it has a mini-fridge and free wi-fi, so it’s not all that bad!

Raduga-Prestige Hotel: $531 a Night


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the magical world of Mad Men? Who hasn’t! Now imagine being able to live in a Russian version of Mad Men, complete with a tufted headboard and frilly curtains!

Sure in the 60s Russia wasn’t a consumer-driven, capitalist, ad-man’s paradise, but it still had pizazz all its own. Pizazz that’s reflected in this affordable room’s décor. You’ll get your own mini-fridge, a balcony that overlooks its outdoor pool (like most other hotels, Raduga-Prestige is geared for summer-time guests), and since it’s in town you’ll be able to get out, stretch your legs and see what all Sochi has to offer.

Morksi Short Term Leases: $570 a Night


Looking for something a little more modern, a little more… long term? If you want to stay in Sochi for a couple of weeks this might be the perfect place to stay - but if you’re looking for just one night, keep searching.

A short 15 minute walk from the Black Sea, it’s got a great view of something other than the outdoor swimming pool that the previous hotels in our list just don’t offer!

Katerina Alpik Hotel: $715 a Night

The Katerina Alpik Hotel is at the high end -  a four star resort with all kinds of activities (it even has its own ski school, if you want to perk up your skills during your stay!), it has all the amenities you’d expect. Indoor swimming pools, saunas, views of the mountains, ice fishing, privacy and the exclusivity that a four star resort carries.

Hotel Sochi Solis: $990 a Night


The best place to stay in Sochi by far, the Hotel Solis Sochi features great views, modern amenities and great decorating that you’d expect from any world class 5-star resort. Rainfall showers, your very own housecoat and you won’t have to pay for whatever individual items you raid from the minibar.

The options for your stay during the Sochi Olympics might be a little lean, but your choices for a luxury home in Oakville are many! Give us a call today and find out what Oakville has to offer you.

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