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When it comes to older homes and new Oakville homes for sale, a stark contrast arises: efficiency. Newer homes are smaller, more energy efficient, the spaces more flexible and designed for the way we live today. If you’ve ever lived in a home built in the 40s, you know how few electrical outlets they needed back then. You could upgrade the electrical system, but how much extra will that run you on top of the cost of your home? Here we’re going to talk about modern homes and what they offer!

More Affordable

When most of us think of  luxury real estate, we’re probably not going to think about affordability. We’re also not going to think about how new condo sizes shrank by almost 12% this year compared to two years ago across the GTA either. Smaller homes are more affordable, but they’re more… gregarious in their use of space than the McMansions of the 90s ever were. Even in New York City, the capital of overindulgence, they’re leaning more towards these kinds of spaces.

Why Would Builders Make Smaller Homes?

Be it condos or homes for sale, builders forgot what a threat a traditional home could be to their bottom line for a long time! Many buyers don’t want to heat a giant house or a poorly designed one that fits neither modern demands nor design aesthetic of the lives we lead today. It’s not just about electrical outlets; heated flooring, on demand water heaters and even the way we light our homes is different than it was just 20 years ago. But if it comes down to a choice between an older home with a manageable footprint that can be upgraded and a newer one that doesn’t offer alternatives… people start buying older homes.

With the new smart designs that use space and are attractive to buyers looking at Oakville homes for sale, they’re going to jump on them. While a home built now may be smaller than a home built in the 80s or 90s, it’ll still be comparable to a spacious 40s to 70s home. You’ll get all the perks you need for modern luxury like:

Energy Efficiency – We all hate dealing with high utility bills in the summer time, trying to cool that one part of the house that’s just out of reach. This can be fixed with ductless electric heating and cooling systems, open floor plans, super insulation and better construction standards.

Open to Design – Ever lived in a house with one of those strangely shaped dining rooms that opens into the kitchen and lounge? A room that nothing ever seems to fit inside of, but you have to find a purpose for anyway? With more open designs you’ll get the luxury real estate that you need to live.

You’ll get the options you need to make it unique. If you want a home for modern living, think about buying a new luxury Oakville home instead of an older one. It never hurts to look and explore your options!

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