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Posted 4.30.14 @ 0:0 by: Staff

According to a recent Bank of Montreal report, first time home buyers in Toronto are planning to spend at least $400,000 on a new home this year; compared with $300,000 last year, that’s quite a jump!

The report looked at homebuyers buying in the Big Three markets of Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. Buyers looking for a home in the GTA had the second highest budget; buyers in Montreal expect to spend $237,000 on their first home; $363,000 in Calgary and $510,000 in Vancouver.

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Posted 4.28.14 @ 9:25 by: Staff

Scotiabank analysts say that the real estate construction boom is over, but is it? With an aging housing market, it’s often a better move to just build a new home instead.

Either way, new housing starts (requests for permits for new construction) are expected to level off over the next decade - while projects that started in the last four years through now are expected to keep the construction market busy through the end of 2016.

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Posted 4.25.14 @ 9:20 by: Staff

Consumer confidence in the real estate market across the country reached a 3 year high this week, following a tide of optimism about the economy and the real estate market.

A recent Bloomberg Nanos Confidence Index report showed that last week consumer confidence hit 60, a number that surpasses the highest level of 59 back in March ’11.

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Posted 4.25.14 @ 7:40 by: Staff

Ever wonder what the world's most expensive home or car is? Well look no further, cause the answer is just a click away!

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Posted 4.24.14 @ 9:11 by: Staff

Imagine the worst winter we’ve had in decades, the best prices we’ve seen for real estate in the same amount of time, and a booming market of Baby Boomers and family-minded Millennials trying to escape the city for cute little communities like Oakville…

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Posted 4.18.14 @ 12:45 by: Staff

If you’ve been looking for a home in the GTA, you’ve probably had some trouble finding a good one: you’re not alone. Today the shortage of listed homes across the Greater Toronto Area has reached new heights, with the average home price rising almost twice the national average.

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Posted 4.14.14 @ 0:0 by: Staff

HomeGain surveyed nearly 500 real estate professionals nationwide and configured a list of the top 10 do it yourself home improvements that cost under $5,000 and benefit sellers most when they sell their homes. 

What finished on top? Find out here!

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Posted 4.7.14 @ 7:7 by: Staff

There’s nothing like a brand new home - but when you can’t afford one, or when you don’t even have a home to call your own, that’s where Habitat for Humanity steps in. They help build homes right here in Canada, abroad and even offer low-cost home furnishings and building materials in the Oakville-Halton area.

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Posted 4.3.14 @ 11:26 by: Staff

The future of healthcare is coming to Oakville in 2015 - in the form of a $2.7 billion hospital that will serve the areas of Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Georgetown. It’s set to open its doors in December of next year over on Dundas street; it’ll feature 320 beds, with an estimated 600+ beds by 2025!

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Posted 4.1.14 @ 0:0 by: Staff

This year the CBC estimated that millions of people powered down for “Earth Hour”, and the Town of Oakville joined in. Earth Hour is a yearly event where people around the world flick off their lights (and power down their devices) and join together to see how much just an hour makes.

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