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Posted 3.31.14 @ 11:17 by: Staff

Why work with Century 21 and the Goodale Miller Team? Here's 5 great reasons that we're the right choice for buying or selling your Oakville luxury home today!

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Posted 3.26.14 @ 7:27 by: Staff

MoneySense magazine recently came out with it's Best Places list for 2014. Here's how Oakville ranked!

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Posted 3.20.14 @ 8:20 by: Staff

What many are touting as the next step in the right direction towards making Livable Oakville a reality, the new InZone zoning bylaws were approved by the Oakville Council in a unanimous vote. InZone incorporates new regulations and permissions outlined in Livable Oakville, the town’s official plan, setting the table for how, when, what and where buildings and updates can be constructed in Oakville.

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Posted 3.17.14 @ 8:15 by: Staff

While many cities have children’s choirs, the Oakville Children’s Choir is in a class of its own. The Oakville Children’s Choir recently hosted an event to honour the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s gift to the OCC of $117,000.

The grant will be used over the next two years to fund two different choir groups: A Few Good Men (male choir for ages 7 to 25) and Little Notes (a prep choir for ages 3-4). It’s expected that the grant will encourage mentoring, arts and culture in Oakville.

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Posted 3.17.14 @ 7:29 by: Staff

MoneySense magazine’s latest city ratings just came out, and Oakville was chosen as No. 2 in the best mid-sized Canadian cities to live in. Not just in the GTA, or Southern Ontario, or the whole province, but all of Canada! It was second only to Burlington (which is a nice place to live - but we still think Oakville should have won!), and beat out over 200 other cities for the top spot.

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Posted 3.14.14 @ 8:40 by: Staff

Earlier in January the Oakville Town Council approved a new plan to revitalize Kerr Village - not only to improve the look and feel of the Village, but to provide both property owners and tenants with the funds they need to improve the façades of storefronts and buildings.

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Posted 3.12.14 @ 0:0 by: Staff

A strange question, indeed - but according to a recent BMO survey over a third of Canadians (and almost half of shoppers in the GTA!) are more than willing to get into a bidding war if it means getting the right home. With so many people entering the process ready to fight tooth and nail, it can make the whole process a bit intimidating, right?

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Posted 3.7.14 @ 8:5 by: Staff

Most downtowns across the GTA have been consumed by malls, franchises and fast food as far as the eye can see - but not Oakville. Oakville is one of the few cities in the area with a vibrant, thriving downtown area.

Year round you’ll find shoppers and strollers (and a few on Segways) walking along the storefronts and heritage buildings - and if it weren’t for hands clasping the smartphones and Tim’s cups, you’d wonder if you’d somehow traveled back in time.

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Posted 3.5.14 @ 8:30 by: Staff

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, a couple selling their luxury home was completely flummoxed (their word, not ours) that they couldn’t sell their home. Fantastic location, an on-premises tennis court, a veritable monument to luxury - but they just couldn’t sell.

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Posted 3.3.14 @ 9:32 by: Staff

We should really expect nothing less from a city named after a leafy oak. Oakville Harbours was recently recognized for meeting the highest environmental standards in Canada. It’s not easy to create standards that allow for livable, healthy conditions all while enjoying recreational boating, but Oakville has done it again.

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