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Posted 5.23.14 @ 8:55 by: Staff

Last Thursday members of the police, fire department, and paramedics from Halton and Oakville were honoured at the Halton Region Centre with Ontario’s inaugural First Responders Day.

With Emergency Preparedness Week upon us (May 4 to May 10), the Oakville Fire Department and emergency services are asking all of us to remember the “Three P’s”; Prevent, Protect and Prepare.

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Posted 5.21.14 @ 8:50 by: Staff

No, it’s nothing as fanciful as a dragon that cracked out of the sun, coming to burn your farm houses and chickens…

Though that would be a little bit exciting, wouldn’t it?

Better yet, Arlene Dickinson, of Dragon’s Den fame, is kicking off Entrepreneur Week in Halton. She’ll be in Halton on June 2 for a talk about lessons she’s learned about how to make it as an entrepreneur in today’s economy - one of the fiercest in Canadian history.

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Posted 5.19.14 @ 8:45 by: Staff

Oakville, in concert with partners Conversation Halton, Bronte BIA and Evergreen received a grant of $25,000 by the GLGCF (Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund) to help restore and protect Bronte Bluffs, returning it to its former glory and improving the local water quality too!

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Posted 5.15.14 @ 3:10 by: Staff

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive painting ever sold was? We've compiled a list of the top 10 highest prices ever paid, including the name of the painting, the price, who sold it and who bought it. Enjoy!

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Posted 5.14.14 @ 8:35 by: Staff

The Town of Oakville transit building received LEED Silver certification from the Canada Green Building Council, just showing us again how much and how far Oakville has come in its dedication to the environment. Mayor Rob Burton presented the LEED Silver certification plaque to the community late last week, making it the second building in the city to win the certification.

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Posted 5.13.14 @ 8:6 by: Staff

From Mercedes to Lamborghini's, we've compiled an awesome list of the top 10 most expensive cars in the world for 2014. We think these would look great cruising the streets of Oakville!

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Posted 5.12.14 @ 12:40 by: Staff

With interest rates on the rise, Canadians are beginning to pull back on their borrowing - but not their spending. For the last few years Canada’s economic titans have been asking Canadians to pull back on how much they’re borrowing and increase their savings… and while they’re finally putting away the credit card, their savings aren’t increasing.

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Posted 5.12.14 @ 8:30 by: Staff

Need to do research on property? Have a problem you need to report?  What about a question of ethics (you suspect waste, dishonesty or fraud) or need some help?

The City of Oakville’s website has launched new online tools and a brand new ethics and efficiency hotline that makes connecting with the resources you need a snap. 

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Posted 5.9.14 @ 4:20 by: Staff

The ice storms and difficult weather over this last winter not only cost damage of biblical proportion, but wreaked havoc on tree canopies across Ontario. In the Greater Toronto Area arborists are expecting to have to tend to the weakened branches and trees for many years to come, until they recover.

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Posted 5.7.14 @ 8:35 by: Staff

Mayor Rob Burton has been talking about extending downtown parking in both the short and long-term, but will more free parking be coming to Downtown Oakville or is this just a pipe dream?

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