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Posted 5.21.19 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Staging your home is like dressing up for a much-awaited date. Sure, your home may be amazing and have the finest features and materials that money can buy but can most home buyers spot that from first glance?

Staging your home lets you highlight the features that you want to stand out. It gives you better marketing and showcases your home into a house that most buyers will want to buy – resulting to a successful sale! Want to know more? Below are further benefits of staging your home.

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Posted 5.13.19 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Home trends come and go even for the luxury real estate market; however, this does not mean that some trends do not deserve a closer look or consideration. Some luxury home trends are popular for the fact that luxury home buyers are always looking for them when buying high-end houses. After all, it is only natural to want the best home features that money can buy when you’re shopping for a luxury home!

Below are 2019’s most sought-after home features or home trends for luxury homes.

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Posted 1.28.14 @ 9:5 by: Staff

We get a lot of questions, and of course, many about bars in the home. Some people want a wet bar in their office, while others are going to see it as something that they don’t want to devote a lot of time and space to. It’s all about presentation, modernity and catering to the needs of people that would actually want a bar.

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Posted 12.23.13 @ 8:30 by: Staff

The economy is picking up and wealthy would-be homebuyers want to have a good time.

An amazing new trend is emerging in luxury real estate – “perfect for entertaining homes”. You won’t find listings that are hyper focused on facts and functionality; instead, you’ll find sellers creating unique experiences that connect with buyers on an emotional, aspirational level. Why talk about square footage and how many foyers you have when you can focus on all the wonderful lifestyle features of your home instead?

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Posted 7.22.13 @ 9:45 by: Staff

When blogs online talk about the most coveted features buyers want in their homes and sellers need to provide they might veer off into the obvious: fabulous vanities and decks with built-in furniture... but what if I told you signal strength, not backsplashes, sell homes? It's true! So many people pull out their mobiles and walk around a home during an open house just to see what kind of signal strength they can expect to get if they buy this house. Here we'll talk about what can affect signal strength and what you can do about it.

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Posted 7.15.13 @ 9:15 by: Staff

Who wants to pay all those labour costs to schlep furniture in and out of an open house when you can just have… paper furniture? It’s not always paper, but it is “look all you like – but don’t sit” furniture. Prop furniture had its start in the entertainment business and its hay day in luxury real estate back in the early 2000s and now it’s making a comeback. When your condo is on the 30th floor it could be the best way to go – but even if you’re on the ground level you could get a lot out of it!

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Posted 11.6.12 @ 9:55 by: Staff

Colours make people happy, they make them sad, they make them flee from some homes for sale… what colours you use will really have an impact on if you can move your property off the market in a timely manner you’re going to want to use colours to attract the right kind of buyer and sell! With so many luxury homes for sale in Oakville, you’re going to have to go that extra mile to sell. Here we’re going to go over how to use nature to get the results you want, so let’s get started!

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Posted 2.21.12 @ 14:7 by: Staff

Think back to the first time you walked through your current home… It may have been a weekend Open House, or an agent showing, but there was a combination of factors that drew you in; and ultimately SOLD you that home. Then you moved in. You created memories, acquired mementos, imbedded your personal style. Perhaps your household has grown, and you’ve updated or renovated accordingly. Your lived-in old friend has served you well. However, at this stage of your life, you feel you need more space or a change of scenery. You’re ready to sell. Or are you?

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