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Posted 12.18.15 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Who wouldn’t want to live next door to the Queen of the United Kingdom? A very well-to-do buyer snaps a luxury apartment at Palace Street for a whopping £20M!

The wealthy buyer of the luxury flat has not been named yet but seems to be thrilled to be the Queen’s new neighbour. London’s real estate market is abuzz with the news, and sees it as a sign that the high-end real estate market in London is as robust as it has been in the past. The purchase made such a buzz because the buyer paid in cash even before the flat’s developers has picked up a spade.


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Posted 9.28.14 @ 17:20 by: Staff

Stepping into a hotel is akin to stepping into a foreign land with all the goodness of home; but stepping into the hallways of these history-rich luxury hotels in Asia is akin to stepping into a foreign land steeped with all the flavours that surviving a war or two brings. Bask in a new kind of luxury as we take you into a short journey through time as you read about 5 of Asia’s Historic Luxury Hotels.

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Posted 9.26.14 @ 17:10 by: Staff

Weddings are always a special event, no matter who you are and no matter what culture you came from. When it comes to their weddings, people often do all that they can to make the event a really memorable affair. It is why it is not surprising that when famous and well-off people wed, the wedding is always a luxurious and lavish celebration of love.

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Posted 9.11.14 @ 19:17 by: Staff

Some people love anything decadent, and food is no exception. With the number of millionaires and billionaires going on the rise and are ever so appreciative of new luxury items, luxury desserts are taking the world of opulence by a storm. Here are some of the world’s most expensive luxury desserts which the ultra-rich are craving for.

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Posted 8.28.14 @ 8:30 by: Staff

Auctioned for as high as $75 million to vintage car collectors, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta may break a previous world record soon and officially become the world’s most expensive car.

The two-seater red coupe, which has been owned by one of the heirs of a wealthy Italian family, is a part of a recent Bonhams vintage cars auction which is estimated to achieve a total sales of more than $450 million by Hagerty Group LLC.

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Posted 6.11.14 @ 7:35 by: Staff

The Russian multi-millionaire Roman Abramovich’s super luxury yacht Eclipse has officially been ‘eclipsed’ by Azzam, the newest titan in the superyacht universe.

The Azzam is 590 feet long yacht, making it 57 feet longer than Abramovich’s yacht called the Eclipse. In fact, the Azzam is longer than a football filled and larger than the United State’s Arleigh Burke, a navy cruise ship standing out among others due to its highly extensive capacity.

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Posted 2.24.14 @ 6:34 by: Staff

With over $80 million in deposits taken from potential wealthy space cadets grabbing at the chance to hit suborbital, the final frontier is finally within reach - if you’ve got the scratch to pay for it!

U.K. billionaire and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson says that his Virgin Galactic will be ready to take people up into the edges of space by the end of this year. He also said that this venture isn’t just about going into space, it’s about fast and easier international flights too.

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Posted 2.20.14 @ 11:55 by: Staff

From ill-gotten Nazi treasures to a massive trove of Picasso paintings up on the block, Sotheby’s massive February 4th $270m auction went beyond previous estimates of a worth of $150m - but when a piece of history is finally up for grabs, emotions run high.

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Posted 2.9.14 @ 15:50 by: Staff

Outside of St. Petersburg and Moscow you won’t find too many five star hotels deserving of the rating - but if you’ve somehow secured last minute tickets to The Olympics, you’ll have to find a place to stay… and hope that there are rooms still available. Again, when it comes to Sochi, some of your options will be a bit “hit or miss”. Let’s check ‘em out!

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Posted 2.7.14 @ 13:5 by: Staff

 “A man’s home is his castle” - we’ve all heard this terribly outdated phrase - but what if your home really is a castle? And not just any castle, but one of the world’s most expensive castles? Granted, there are dilapidated castles you can buy for the same price as a decent condo in Downtown Toronto, BUT what about the exceptional castles?

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