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Posted 4.18.19 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Do you want to increase your chances of selling your home for top dollar this spring? You may be worried that this can prove difficult to pull off because spring is usually when the real estate market is flooded with other people wanting to sell their homes. Fret not. Spring brings with it a flood of home shoppers as well! If you can make your home stand out by using sensible home staging tips, you’ll be on your way to make a sale! Here are some of them!

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Posted 4.11.19 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, and for homeowners, that means checking the whole home and addressing things that needs repair or maintenance. In this spring home checklist, we’ll walk you through what you need to look into starting with the big home maintenance projects to the small ones so you can keep your home in tip-top shape for the year ahead.

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Posted 12.4.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

We've just started December and what better time than now to spruce up your home for the awesome holidays up ahead. What better time than now before winter fully sets in or before you’re too busy, right?

Here are some December home checklist for you ranging from the most time-consuming to some that can be done in just under an hour!

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Posted 11.20.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Buying a penthouse is a huge investment. You have to be sure that you buy one that suits your needs and will not be a pain to sell later if needed. On top of this, you’re also looking for a luxury real estate property that you’ll enjoy living in for possibly years.

There’s a reason why penthouses remain in demand even during times when the real estate market suffered from setbacks. People will always want the best that they can afford. If you’re planning to buy a penthouse, below is a list of features that will make sure you find the best for your needs!

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Posted 11.7.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

It seems most people wait for spring before buying a new home. It’s just that people equate the start of December with the holidays and go into a holidays frenzy, often contently waiting for warmer weather before going into home-hunting mode again.

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Posted 10.30.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Winter has officially started but it isn’t too late to winterize your home! We’ve compiled 15 amazing tips for a winter-safe home! Say hello to an energy-efficient warm and toasty haven that’s wallet-friendly and environment friendly too! Whether you’ve got only a few hours a day or just 1 weekend to fully prepare for winter, our list will take care of all your home’s winter woes.

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Posted 10.18.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Home automation or smart home technology is fast becoming a must-have in every homebuyer’s list. Modern homeowners enjoy the sophisticated and popular upgrades available for today’s smart homes because of the convenience that the updates offer. Who won’t want home lighting, temperature control, and home security that can be fully controlled from a smartphone? Everyone will surely love to have these home features, that’s why they are a huge factor in selling a home fast and closing a home deal quickly. If you’d want to know more about which home tech updates are great for increasing property value, then be sure to read everything below!

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Posted 10.4.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

If you still think that the best time to buy a home is either spring or summer, you might miss out on what makes buying a home in fall such a great idea. While it is true that the buying frenzy is usually during spring and summer, taking advantage of the many holidays during fall can finally land you your dream home.

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Posted 10.3.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Getting ready to sell your home means making a lot of preparations including repairs. Doing this ensures that necessary improvements are made and the home is in the best shape to fetch a good selling price. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t make sense to splurge on repairs because doing so doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to retrieve the invested money. Stick to the must-do home repairs in our list below to avoid spending too much while still getting the best outcome when renovating your home before a sale.

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Posted 10.2.18 @ 0:0 by: Staff

Looking for a larger home for your growing family?

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Welcoming a child into the world is a great joy, but a growing family often requires a larger living space.

Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for something bigger, the Goodale Miller Team is here to help.

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