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Posted 8.14.13 @ 12:20 by: Staff

A new Bank of Montreal study that was recently released says that about 20% of people who are first time homebuyers are having to wait because of the new mortgage rules. Some are being flat out denied, others don’t want to worry about getting turned down when trying to buy their first home. Many just want to get a nice house but don’t know exactly how the rules will really affect them. Most of the rules are going to apply to people buying a home worth less than $1m, so if you’re in this camp you can probably breathe a nice sigh of relief!

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Posted 8.12.13 @ 12:10 by: Staff

We’ve been following the epic of what’s going to happen to Captain John’s restaurant all year. From how they wanted to sink it in Lake Ontario, how it could have been a casino boat, how it hasn’t had electricity or running water for months, and how no one really knows exactly what to do with it – but the wait might be over. Eclectic self-made millionaire Branko Kavcic really, and I mean REALLY, wants to buy this boat. He’s an avid collector of all kinds of outrageous treasures; he owns a Blackhawk that Elvis drove, a massive monster truck and even a 48’ yacht.

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Posted 8.9.13 @ 12:5 by: Staff

Gold makes the world go ‘round – and as precious and rare as it is, there’s a reason the prices are so out of this world. 

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Posted 8.8.13 @ 6:55 by: Staff

The hotel where Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous “To Catch a Thief” was filmed, which has been robbed before this week, has now again been robbed during a diamond show. Staged on the ground floor with a few unarmed guards, a single thief had little trouble escaping with $136,000,000 in jewels. 

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