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Posted 9.11.13 @ 11:40 by: Staff

Clouds make such quiet neighbours.

A new breed of urban condo dweller is among us – the stratospherian. No one is all that sure which came first: the people that want to live high up where it’s nice and quiet or the developer that figured someone eventually would want to pay that much for a luxury penthouse. If you crave lofty panoramic views and silence even in the noisiest concrete jungles, you may just be a stratospherian. Here we’re going to talk about how this new breed is upping condo prices across the board and where you fit in this brave new condo hierarchy.

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Posted 9.10.13 @ 11:28 by: Staff

It’s hard to update your kitchen, and when you’re looking at other area homes for sale you might think you’re up the creek without a paddle; after all, who can afford to make their home look like that on a shoestring budget? Here we’re going to talk about how you can update virtually any kitchen just by changing the cabinets – a little staining and paint can go a long way towards making your kitchen really shine. Make your home stand out from the pack, don’t pay more than you have to! Let’s get started.

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Posted 9.5.13 @ 11:35 by: Staff

If you’re trying to find some green ways to keep the pests off your lawn and plants, you’ve come to the right place. From making use of hot peppers and garlic to using Listerine to keep bugs off your plants, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get a green lawn and give bugs the kick. If you’re trying to sell your luxury home for sale or you just want to get more out of your garden, it’s time to start learning! Let’s get started and see what else you can do to keep your lawn looking slick all year long.

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Posted 9.3.13 @ 10:55 by: Staff

Did you know that taste of your food can be altered by the shape and materials of your spoon, the music being played in the restaurant, the smells around you, even the light levels? Selling a home works much the same way – you’ll want to go beyond the visual to get the right results! Even worse, using the wrong scents and lighting for your home can scare away potential buyers. Here were going to talk about how home staging should go beyond the visual, going that extra mile, creating that ambience that sells homes.

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