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Colours make people happy, they make them sad, they make them flee from some homes for sale… what colours you use will really have an impact on if you can move your property off the market in a timely manner you’re going to want to use colours to attract the right kind of buyer and sell! With so many luxury homes for sale in Oakville, you’re going to have to go that extra mile to sell. Here we’re going to go over how to use nature to get the results you want, so let’s get started!

Bright Whites Always Sell

People love the colour white, but not just because it’s bright. White is an excellent reflector and will make your rooms pop – white rooms with southerly facing windows will give your rooms a much larger feel than they would have otherwise. There are hundreds of shades of white, from a bright shade to a muted eggshell colour you’re going to find the one that makes your home pop and gets people to see the space in a whole new way. If you’re selling white rooms in winter make sure that you install WHITE bulbs, not yellow. Yellowing on white walls can have the opposite intended effect.

Earth Tones Bring Rooms Together

When it comes to tying a room together, earth tones can really give you the results you need – just make sure the floors match up! Earthen toned ceilings and walls with a bright white carpet isn’t easy to pull off, so make sure that luxury homes for sale in Oakville are color coordinated to get the most out of your sale. There are many shades of earth tones, think desert scenes and let your imagination run wild.

Neutral Brights

There is such a thing as a neutral bright, think a muted yellow, orange, or even lime green. The thing about neutrals is that you’ll want to make sure that they have that background feeling, let the buyers looking at your luxury home for sale in Oakville make their own pop of colour when they’re decorating. Neutral tones don’t have to be beige and look like an 80s Ikea ad, but they do need to add something. There are many places (Lowes and Home Depot both) that will carry neutral bright colour wheels so you can find complementary colours to work your rooms.

Paint the Town Blue

Blue goes well with almost anything, but you’ll want to avoid a dark blue (except in dining rooms, sometimes you can pull it off here!) unless it’s a trim. Light and neutral blues can do wonders for your home and attract the buyers you want.

Selling your home isn’t just about paint, and that’s where we come in! We’re dedicated to helping you sell your home (and buying your next one) – we’re Oakville luxury realtors and we’re here to help. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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