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Do you have a hankering for owning a totally unique home in an exotic location? Then you’d have to check out designer Pierre Cardin’s unique abode in Théoule-sur-Mer, France.

The listing describes the home as "ce palais extrordinaire ... compse de bulles," and we couldn’t agree more! Translated as "an extraordinary palace… consisting of bubbles," it does pique one’s interest and more!

The home was designed by no less than celebrated Hungarian architect Antti Lovag and was owned by eccentric designer Pierre Cardin. It has been the site for countless soirees, fashion shoots, and even James Bond’s birthday bash which was featured in MTV in 2002.

Artistry Meets Visionary


The bubble dome structure was inspired by Inuit villages. The design principle for this home is that there should be no straight lines, following Lovag’s philosophy of ‘habitology’ in which he avoids any sharp angles and straight lines because they are “an attack on nature.” The result is a bulbous structure with dome ceilings, curves in all the right places, and porthole windows that’s all just very striking to look at.


Lovag’s team constructed the home with wire mesh that they shaped by hand and which was then sprayed with concrete. It was a tedious process which took a period of 14 years! The Hungarian draftsman wanted the home to invoke thoughts of playfulness, surprise, and spontaneity plus serve as a reminder of man’s prehistoric past. The results are definitely worth it as the home is simply stunning!

A Palace Like No Other


Seen from afar, this impressive home looks like giant scoops of decadent strawberry ice cream but it is so much more than that. There’s some ponds, pools, and waterfalls that are situated all over the 13,000 square foot home. If that’s not enough to make you drool, there is also a 500-seat pavilion on the property which was designed to face the Mediterranean; the site of some awesome fashion shows and hosting parties.

The palatial home has 15 bedrooms, all with sensuous curving interiors. The reception room itself is 5,382 square feet, certainly big enough to wow your guests if hosting a party. Overall, there are 28 spherical rooms, 10 of which are suites which features rounds beds, several gardens, and 3 swimming pools.


Because of its eclectic nature, this bubble gum pink coloured home has been featured in various design magazines and a coffee table book published by Assouline. Over the past two decades under Cardin’s ownership, the complex has been the site of countless fashion shoots, shows (Dior had the photoshoot for their Croisière 2016 collection in here a few months ago), and exclusive parties. Numerous A-listers and notable personalities have been sighted at the complex as well, such as Zoe Kravitz, Cressida Bonas, Marion Cotillard, and Dakota Fanning.



Not ready to shell out the hundreds of millions of dollars for you to own this huge mansion in the south of France? Then you can try renting it out for almost $15,000 a day!

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