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The holiday season is literally just around the corner and with it comes gatherings and parties! Every host and hostess knows that the perfect holiday gathering calls for more than great food amidst the company of friends and loved ones. An equally prepped home is a key ingredient for holiday entertaining success and so is a picture perfect abode for all the selfies and group photos which typically ensues whenever people are in good cheer. Here is a quick and easy cleanup checklist prior to guests arriving at your home.

Turn On a Beckoning Light

Much like how a light tower sends a signal of welcome and guides ships to shore, you would want your porch to be as welcoming as possible and shine out so your guests can easily find your front door. Make sure that all porch lights are on and that your porch and front walk has been decluttered and decorated to set the mood right for your guests.

Do an Entryway and Coat Closet Revamp

Oftentimes, random junk accumulates at the entryway and the coat closet. Give both areas a quick sweep, add some fresh flowers to the entryway and free up some space at your coat closet for guests’ coats and whatnots.

Freshen Up the Bathrooms

You would not want guests to not feel refreshed when they use your bathroom to freshen up, right? Make sure everything is clean and take off personal items from the counters. Don’t forget to take away everything you don’t want other people to see and make sure you have extra rolls of toilet paper within easy reach so guests won’t have a reason to snoop around inside your bathroom’s cabinets and drawers! Turning on the bathroom’s lights for the whole duration that your guests are with you is also a very thoughtful gesture especially for large house parties when guests may have never been at your home before.

Vacuum and Dust the Visible Areas

Hey, no one is trying to be Martha Stewart here, but if you are pressed for time or may be feeling lazy to turn everything upside down for cleaning, simply vacuum the main thoroughfares, fluff up the sofas and make sure no clutter is in-between the cushions. Dust everything in eye-level and you’re good to go.

Don’t Forget to Tidy Up Your Bedroom

Sometimes guests may request a house tour, or even invite themselves into doing one. Tidying up your bedroom sure won’t hurt whether you voluntarily show your bedroom for a ‘viewing’ or if you happen to have ‘very familiar-feeling’ visitors.

Make Sure You Look Your Best

You would not want people to see your home in disarray so make sure that you look as crisp and as polished as your home by the time your guests arrive. Who cares if you nearly had a nervous breakdown preparing for entertaining? No one will notice that some of your vases don’t have a single thing on them if you look great and is ready at the door by the time the first of your company starts arriving.

Employ Music and Light to Set the Mood

Choose some great background music and adjust the lights in the whole house at least an hour before the first guest is at your doorstep. This ensures a very inviting ambiance should you have some very early birds before party time.

Always Have Drinks Ready

Whether serving hot beverages like cocoa, coffee, and tea or cold beverages like cocktails, beer, and wine, make sure to have them ready and at the right temperature at least an hour before you expect anyone to arrive. Just like you love welcome drinks at restaurants and hotels, the rule is pretty much the same when entertaining at home; keep the drinks flowing and no one would get grumpy even if the main meal is slightly delayed. Bonus points, you’ll surely get raves if you have a drinks station to which your guests can easily help themselves to especially when you get busy between the kitchen and welcoming more company.

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