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Some of us live our lives on Facebook, content in the knowledge that we’re protected. From college students, parents and even Oakville luxury realtors, everyone loves Facebook but worries about their privacy. Privacy and Facebook haven’t ever really played together very well, but the latest update in Jan 2013 made it more important than ever to get a handle on your privacy! Here we’re going to talk about a few things you can do to protect yourself and have a greater degree over how people find you, what you want the world to know about you and who you want to be friends with. Let’s get started!

Who do You Want to be Friends With?

Asking just whom you want to be friends with is the first step to locking down your privacy on Facebook. Do you want your boss to be able to friend you, or even find you? Do you want to be able to have random acquaintances give your information to “What Kind of Sandwich Are You?” apps? Do you really want your grandma to see the photos you took down in Mexico for your last vacation? Probably not, but there are a whole host of tools out there that will help you lock down your privacy settings and make sure that you’re sharing things with the people YOU want to share them with. and help you get a handle on what should be shared.

Do Advertisers Tracking You Online Bother You?

Most of us don’t want the people at Oreos to know what we’re doing online, because while we may love Oreos, it’s not that important to us. Advertisers collect all kinds of information about you to build an “aggregate profile” – this helps them understand that people aged 27 on Facebook play x amount of social games and also enjoy delicious cream filled cookies too. This way they can advertise to you on those games, increase their profits and their “market presence”. But if you don’t want that, and others offer browser extensions that “ghost” your browsing and stop cookies before they get a foothold on your computer.

How Much DO You Want to Keep Private?

Every time you see the little globe icon on a Facebook post or a section of your profile, which means the whole world can see it. People don’t have to be your friend to know that you work for Rogers, and you have no idea just who is looking at that kind of stuff. There are many apps out there that will help you “clean” up what’s seen by others when it comes to your Facebook page.

How do You Want to be Found on Facebook?

Do you want to be able to be found by complete strangers, or just friends of friends? It may be time to use one of the tools above to change your global presence to a friends of friends one!

Facebook is fantastic, but you need to protect yourself when you use it. Take advantage of the privacy features, know who you’re friending and watch out for what you’re sharing with strangers.

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