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Have you ever done something completely kind for a random stranger? This post is obviously inspired by the November 7 Random Act of Kindness Day in Oakville and we are sure that there are a lot of people out there who may be regretting not being able to participate on that day. Well, we have some good news for everyone!

RAK Day Celebration in Oakville

Earlier this month, people from all over Oakville worked and in hand to spread some love and kindness to random strangers. Some chose to distribute stuffed toys, some made homemade goodies and distributed them to seniors, some gave away free coffee, and some made packages to be distributed to those who need them.

The celebration is made possible by all the beautiful nice people who participated and by the partnership of the Oakville Community Foundation with the following organizations and institutions: Appleby College, The Oakville Beaver, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, the Halton District School Board, Tourism Oakville, YMCA of Oakville, the Oakville United Way, and the Oakville Hospital Foundation. Their volunteers swept all over Oakville and made a lot of people smile. Perhaps, you’re even one of those people who either volunteered or was the recipient of someone’s kind gesture!

Spreading the Message

With the celebration of the Random Act of Kindness Day or RAK Day, the Oakville Community Foundation hopes to spread the message of Paying it Forward – that each and every day can have a random act of kindness without it needing to be official. After all, people who need cheer are everywhere, and it only takes a simple gesture to bring a smile on their face.

RAK Day is celebrated to remind us that we do not need to have a specific date or day to do some random act of kindness towards a stranger. Why can’t the date be random as well, right? The holiday season is fast approaching. In some homes and communities, festive decorations are already up, making people feel warm and fuzzy inside. But do you know that there are a lot of lonely people around you?

What You Can Do

Random Acts of Kindness can be as small or as grand as you want it to be. Simply inviting a friend to dinner can be a random act of kindness, especially for those who may not have family near them this season. Placing warmed socks inside the shoes of family members early in the day can count as a random act of kindness as well. In fact, holding the door for someone in a public place, reaching the high-shelf for someone at the grocery store, giving someone a warm smile, or even thanking a server at a restaurant are all forms of kindness and instantly brighten someone’s day.

This year is the 3rd or 4th Annual celebration of RAK Day depending on which calendar you are looking at, but instead of it just being a day, maybe we can make it a week? Better yet, make it year round!

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