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In a recent case here in Ontario, a court ruled that if you sign on to work with any, much less an Oakville real estate agent or realtor, you’ll have to stick with the agreement. If you pay an agent to help you find a home you’re going to have to pay them their commission, even if you find that home on your own.

Contracts are Binding!

The case boils down to a couple that bought a house, but only one of them signed the contract with a realtor in North York back in 2005. A couple hired a realtor and signed a contract to pay the realtor 2.5%, trying to buy a home. They had made three offers on three different houses and kept getting shot down. Naturally, they were upset and thought that that their realtor was to blame.

Communication is Important!

This is where communication is so important. When you work with us as your Oakville luxury realtor when you’re looking at Oakville homes for sale, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. We’ll explain why your bid may have been rejected, and we’ll help you get your bid right.

When communication broke down between the clients and the realtor, the one who didn’t sign the contract went and bid again on the last home on his own. They bought the house, moved in, and never said anything to the realtor. When the realtor found out that they didn’t receive a commission for a house they sold, he sued.

2 years ago, they were ordered to pay the realtor 2.5% (or $15,375), plus GST. While paying a commission is never fun, paying the wrong amount for your Oakville luxury real estate is much worse. As Oakville luxury realtors we’re here to help you get the house you want without all the hassles of doing it on your own.

Protect Your Interests

Want a great home but don’t want to end up in the same predicament as the people here? You’re going to want to make sure you work with an Oakville real estate agent who understands what your needs are. This is what we as Oakville luxury realtors can do for you:

Find the Best Home for You

Work with the Seller’s Agent to Get You the Best Price

Work for You, Not for the Seller

Protect Your Interests (recommend lawyers, inspectors and other professionals that will make buying homes for sale a snap)

You can always choose to buy or sell a home on your own without an Oakville luxury realtor, but it’s not smart to agent hop or try to skip around them to save money. Communication is important and that’s why we’ll be here for you, looking out for your interests and getting you great prices on homes for sale.

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