Posted 1.14.13 @ 15:26 by: Staff

What does getting a better job have to do with luxury real estate? Well if you can’t afford the home you’ve always wanted there’s no better time than now to make the changes you want in your life to get there! It’s important to know how to present yourself, how to find the right job and when it’s time to take a step back and how to make 2013 the best year ever.

Who do You Want to Be?

This is a biggy – you have to know who you want to be to set you on the right path! What career path do you want to take this year? If it’s a big departure from your current job or if you’re re-entering the job market, you’re going to need to have a clear goal. What are the qualifications for your new position? Do you need some continuing education classes? What do you need to do to move forward?

Preparation is EVERYTHING

If you’re not prepared to start job hunting, don’t do it. You want your cover letter to be amazing, the stuff of dreams. If you can’t do it on your own, hire a freelancer that specialises in stellar resumes to help you! Don't be afraid to delegate when it comes to winning your dream job. A lot of people are afraid to give up control to get the job they want, but you really can’t do it all. With competition being so hot, you need to put your best foot forward in the job market.

You Don’t Always Have to Be Picky

You don’t always have to be picky, but you get to choose who you work with. Don’t take just any job offered but don’t turn down a job just because it doesn’t match one of your points. It’s so important to make sure that you’re getting a great fit – just be careful that it’s not too tight. Many people end up with jobs that just aren’t right for them because they’re desperate, but many more end up with a job that just doesn’t work out… don’t let this happen to you!

Is This Company Right for You?

When you’re in the interview, don’t be afraid to ask them questions about corporate culture. Do they promote from within? Are you going to be able to get the most out of your time here, will it be a stepping stone to your next goal? Will you be able to pivot this into something new? What does this new job or career path offer you for your long term goals. If you can answer these questions it’s time to move forward.

You’ll never be able to buy the luxury homes for sale that you want if you don’t have a job that gets you where you want to be in life. For 2013 make the big change and get ready – it’s your time to shine!

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