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Everyone wants to sell their home and make a huge profit, but this doesn’t always happen. Managing your expectations will help you in the long run; you’ll be able to make sure that you maximise your profits and protect yourself financially. Here we’re going to talk about the increasing expectations by buyers and sellers alike with Oakville real estate, and we’ll help you figure out how you can make the most of your situation. Let’s get started!

Selling Your Home is Not a Reality TV Show

The first thing you can do is realize that reality TV shows are just that: TV. Now you might have seen someone turn a $30,000 condo into something that someone bought for $100,000, but this just doesn’t happen that often. You’re not going to have a huge team of experts at your disposal to make a house go from flab to fab; most of us would love this kind of success, but you can actually turn a pretty good profit on your home by doing the following things:

  • Take Great Care of It: Most of us take great care of our homes, but the better you take care of it now the less you’re going to have to fix later. You’ll be able to use minor upgrades to make your home more modern and appealing to buyers, saving you time and money when you put your Oakville real estate up for sale.
  • Look at it as a House not a Home: Looking at your home as a house will help you make great strides towards selling it. While you may have some great memories of your home, these aren’t going to sell your house. If your children are grown and gone, consider redoing the room as young child’s room if you’re looking at young families buying houses in your area. If you’ve changed your garage into a different kind of room, change it back. Preserve the features that people want, and kick things that they don’t.
  • Look at Homes in Your Area for Sale: If you really want to know what kind of price your home will fetch, look at comparable homes in the same neighbourhood. We’ll help you run analysis so you know how much you can charge for your house. You’ll want to see who pulled their home off the market, what listings expired and which ones actually sold. Don’t go by what people are just selling their properties for alone; this only gives you a small window into what’s going on in your neighbourhood pricewise.

Selling your home can be a fun experience, as long as you manage your expectations. The best way to do this is to talk to a member of the Goodale Miller team who can help you make the most of your home sale. We’ll help you through the process; from pricing to hiring a real estate lawyer, closing and escrow, we’ll be there helping you.

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