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For years people have been into a split level home – there’s more room right? But now we’re seeing more and more people looking for one level ranch homes. They were popular in the 50s and 60s, but they faded away for a few decades in favour of two-story homes. It’s projected that within 10 years half of all Canadian homes will have someone 55+ living there. Looking to the future, this means more and more Canadians are going to think about accessibility. Today we’re healthier, wealthier, and living longer than ever; why leave your community if you don’t have to?

A Return to 70s Construction

For years resales of these one level homes lagged, but they’re making a comeback. More and more buyers are trying to find ranches; it’s not just Baby Boomers either, young families are also looking for ranch homes too. In the early 70s, single-story homes made up almost 70% of new home construction. But looking at recent trends, less than half of all new homes were single-story homes.

A Smart Alternative

Within the next 8 years half of all Canadian homes will have someone 55+ living in them; this is creating a big demand for single-story homes. Canadians looking forward towards their retirement years don’t want to have to deal with stairs or big split-level homes, but they do want to age in their own communities. The appeal of the retirement village isn’t what it used to be, and if we are living longer, healthier and wealthier lives, why not retire on our own terms? We have choices that our parents didn’t, we should take advantage of them.

Move and Stay in the Same Neighbourhood

Many members are choosing ranch homes in the same neighborhood, ditching their two-story homes but staying right where they want to be in a ranch house. Couples are leaving their condos behind, moving towards verdant lawns and cute little fences. Of course, Oakville real estate offers a little bit of both.

It’s not just about resale properties either; many developers are building brand-new ranch homes with bright and open floor plans, must have modern amenities and everything else that the 21st century homebuyer could ever need.

More Yards, More Problems

One problem with ranch homes are the standard huge yards. The big yard can be great for young family, but when you’re dealing with a weed eater at 90 it’s not so much fun. If you’re thinking about buying a ranch home as your forever home, think about the yard work first. Do you want to deal with a yard that size? Year after year after year, it might get a little tedious! But then again, maybe you have an evergreen thumb!

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help! We’re Oakville luxury realtors that understand that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” home. We’ll be there through every step in the process, helping you buy or sell your next home.

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