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Remodeling one’s kitchen is usually a very expensive project. Even small changes can quickly add up and eat your entire budget. The following kitchen remodeling tips have been specially curated to give you the most out of every penny you spend for your kitchen remodel.

Try Alternative Materials for Your Countertops


No rule book exists that says you should only use marble for your countertops, so go ahead and check out other materials such as cement and laminate, perhaps even combine a cheaper material like butcher’s block with a more expensive one such a granite for a personalized and more affordable countertop option.

Don’t Knock Down the Wall


Open layouts and open feel kitchens are very popular these days but don’t knock down the wall just yet. Try for a cutout rather than taking out a wall. By doing this, you may not need to reroute any pipes and electrical lines, therefore saving you money. The cutout can also provide extra counter space plus save you the expense of having your floor and ceilings repaired compared to if you remove an entire wall.

Be Creative with Your Kitchen Island


An old table or a dresser will function as an island just as well as a custom made one. This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Stay Away from Recessed Lighting


Installing recessed lighting means that you’ll have to cut into the ceiling, add more electrical wiring, have these done by a professional, and may even end up having to repair the ceiling. Track lights are a great alternative because they’re easier to install and a lot cheaper too.

Be Practical with Cabinets


There is no need to replace existing cabinets if you simply do not like their colour or if you think they look dated. A simple paint job or a resurfacing job can fix them and save you a lot of money. If you do decide to add or replace cabinets, ready-to-assemble ones are a good option, or you can just convert existing ones to open shelves.

Think Hard Before Moving Appliances


Moving your appliances somewhere else may mean that you’ll have to pay for rewiring and/or wall repair. Either make sure the move will be really worth it or just make your existing outlets and wirings work for you. Keep in mind that a move of a few feet can cost the same in repairs and rewiring as moving everything to the other side of the kitchen!

Remodel in Stages


If there is no hurry and budget is a concern, doing your remodeling projects in stages might be a great idea. Tackle the ones that need the most work (like the cabinets) and save replacing the backsplash for another time when your wallet is ready.

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