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Selling your Oakville home can be hard, but it needn’t be! You need to first understand what buyers are looking for so you can give it to them. Each neighbourhood will have its charms and the type of buyers that it will attract, but these tips will work across the spectrum.

Give Clutter the Kick

Giving clutter the kick is the best thing you can do for each room in your house. Think about what attracted you to this home in the first place. Was it the big open spaces, the bright beautiful light, all those great floors? This is what you need to replicate for your potential buyers. You want to give each room a beautiful spacious feel. This means getting everything up off the floor, organizing the shelves and clearing counters. Put fruit and vases on tables to make spaces attractive, and never forget that tiny furniture can make little spaces feel big!

Fresh Paint

Nothing screams dated like wood paneling, but it also leeches the light from the room. You’ll want to pick neutral to light colours for each room. This will help bring it up to date and give you a good chance of selling the house. You’ll want to avoid dark colours and you’ll also want to make sure that you don’t neglect the ceilings. These are referred to by contractors as the “Fifth Wall” and can change the whole feel of a room. Don’t paint the ceilings dark either, and try not to paint tile if you can.

Banish Carpets

Is there carpet left anywhere in your home? Get rid of it! Often you’ll be able to pull up carpet and pads with good woods beneath, but sometimes you’re going to want the professional touch to refinish the floor and get rid of all the tiny nails that kept the carpet in place. Refinishing the floors will take a little while and may render rooms unusable for up to a week; if you’re using this as your primary residence try to schedule a holiday around the floors being resurfaced.

Neutral Tones Only!

While bright festive colours can help get your contemporary window treatments to pop, you want to use warm and inviting neutral tones to bring people in. Avoid using garish and gouache colours that are only going to turn off prospective buyers. Don’t go too bright or too dark with your furnishings (a touch of colour never hurts, but be careful).

The key to selling your real estate is showing off a home’s potential. You don’t want to make it seem like you want to get rid of the house; never frame it this way if you can get away with it. Consider hiring a professional staging company to come in and furnish the house during the days that you’re showing. No one will want to buy an empty home and the time yours stays on the market will reflect that.

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