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Home sales typically go up in spring because this season is usually when people decide to sell and get a new home. The months of April, May, and June are also the typical months when buyers are more active, hence inventory always rises in spring. In fact, homes that didn’t sell during the holidays can easily sell when freshly listed come spring time! Here are 10 home selling tips you can use this spring!

Freshen Up the Yard

Selling Home Spring

Trim back bushes and rake the yard. You won’t want dead leaves and debris to be on your lawn and drawing attention away from your home. Trimming bushes and trees will also allow more natural light to come in your home. Another tip is to mow your lawn diagonally to make it look more spacious.

Clean Mirrors and Windows

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Everything that sparkles can make your home seem more inviting. Clean mirrors reflect light and can make a room feel bigger. Clean windows draw the light in.

Mind Your Window Treatments

Selling Home Spring3

Blinds, drapes, curtains, and whatnot have to be cleaned before listing your home. Even a quick vacuum can work wonders!

Invest in Flowers

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Choose flowers in containers over cut flowers. Have potted flowers line up your pathway or serve as a welcoming sight on your porch. If going for cut flowers, go for peonies as they have a beautiful scent and look great too.

Go for a Foyer Makeover

Selling Home Spring5

Not just the foyer, but also the main entrance to your home. A mat for cleaning the shoes and an umbrella stand will offer charm, a place to hang coats would surely be well received by those coming by to take a look at your home.

Give Your Floors Some Love

Selling Home Spring6

Polished floors make a huge difference, be it wood, ceramic, or even linoleum. Make sure that the grout is clean and that area rugs and other rugs have been at least vacuumed if not professionally cleaned.

Be Prepared with Marketing Materials

Selling Home Spring7

Whether you go for balloons during your open house or choose to have ready-made flyers on your showing, small details like this make your home more memorable for people who are shopping for a home. Make sure you stand out by printing out info sheets that show buyers just how they can afford your home with different financing options.

Give Out Treats

Selling Home Spring8

Ever heard about the house selling trick of baking cookies on the day you’re showing your home? Take it a bit further by sending your prospective home buyers with goodie bags! Bottled drinks and or fresh coffee will surely be welcomed by house hunters too!

Wow Them with Details

Selling Home Spring9

Matching pillowcases, a set of rolled towels in every bathroom, and a laid-out dining setting can make home buyers feel more at home in your home. Remember, buyers want a home that’s inviting.

Use the Power of Advertising

Online and newspaper advertising with a flattering coloured photograph of your home can draw in buyers like moth to a flame. Better yet, provide photos of your home in various seasons if you have those at hand. Pictures speak a thousand words, make use of this when you advertise.

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