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It’s never easy trying to sell luxury real estate – or any other home for that matter – but what do you do with an empty house? People have a hard time jumping to conclusions on their own and you’ll be lucky to sell it without a stick of furniture inside. Here we’re going to talk about how you can sell an empty home without any furniture (because sometimes staging is just too price) and what you can do to make sure that you’re making the most of your home. Remember, it’s all about giving them the home they want, not the home you want.

Paint the Town Red

Well not the town, but you’ll want to give your luxury home for sale a nice new coat of paint before you show it. White paints and neutral brights can help you expand the dimensions and refract light in even the smallest of spaces. Going with a bold statement or feature wall in a room can help, but you’ll want to be very careful about what you do here. If you go too bold (think red or black, even as a trim) you could chase away potential buyers that would want to buy your home.

Make it Pretty

You’re going to want to give your home curb appeal; let’s face it, if they drive by and don’t see anything all that nice about it, why are they going to come inside? You’ll want to work on the lawn, change the mailbox, get new house numbers, window treatments and make sure you clear all the paths and clean the windows. This way your home puts its best face forward and buyers will be interested in the luxury real estate you have for sale. You want people to stop on the street and go “Wow! I want to live here!” It’s all about making them want to live here.

Don’t Sell Too High

You’ll want to go with a reasonable price when it comes to selling your home – even selling luxury homes for sale brings its bargain hunters. You don’t want to put a price so high that no one wants to buy your home, but you don’t want to go so low that they’re wondering what’s wrong with this house. It all comes down to finding that happy medium and sticking with it. Working with a luxury realtor is going to help you understand the best price for your home, so make sure you talk to one before you get started.

It’s always about trying to make the buyer want to buy the home – and you just can’t cater to every buyer out there. When it comes to selling luxury real estate, you’re going to have to give them that heft, that palpable feel that says “This is Luxury”. Your whole focus, your whole drive, should be on making people want to buy your house. Focus on the quirks and rock the home you have – after all, if you don’t want it, why would anyone else?

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