Posted 11.16.12 @ 7:15 by: Staff

When you want to sell luxury Oakville real estate, you probably already know how important it is to get it staged… but what if it’s empty? What if you don’t want to fill it with staging furniture? As Oakville luxury realtors we know that sometimes furnishing isn’t an option and this blog’s for you! You shouldn’t have to worry about it if you can’t do it, and there are plenty of ways you can do it with an empty house. Let’s get started and see what ways you can dress your home for success!

It’s All on the Surface

We often worry about runners in the hallway or pretty little hangers in the closets, but what’s on the surface of your home, more specifically the counters, walls, doors and even floors is a huge factor when trying to sell your luxury Oakville real estate. People don’t want to buy a home with out-dated paint, flooring, etc.; but there’s also another problem to think about like VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. This is a HUGE sticking point for luxury buyers now, even buyers that want midrange homes. VOCs are in flooring, paint, building materials and are linked to cancer – no one wants this kind of stuff in a home that they buy. If you replace flooring, repaint your home and redo your countertops make sure you check for VOCs in your materials before you remodel.

Pay Attention to all the Finishing Touches

The little things are what sell a home, not couches. Cute little doorknobs, drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are going to be the things that help you sell your home. If you have existing ones that are great, take care not to paint over them before the showing (or AFTER the showing). A new mailbox, a new set of house numbers and everything else that turn a house into a home is what you want for your luxury Oakville real estate. You’ll want to work with an Oakville luxury realtor like us to make the most of your home.

Price it Right

You’re going to need a comparative market analysis if you want to sell your home, and we as Oakville luxury realtors are going to be able to help you price your real estate just right! If you price your home too high you’ll run into trouble, and if you price it too low people may think there’s something wrong with it. If you’re ready to sell, you need to price it right.

If you want to sell your home, even if it happens to be empty, let us help! We’re experience Oakville luxury realtors that know how to get your home sold. You don’t have to fill your house with furniture to sell, but you do have to pay attention to all those little touches that buyers love.

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