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Here you’ve undoubtedly found why you need us to work with you, what we can do for you, etc. But we can’t forget that selling real estate is a two part process; you and your realtor will need to work together to get your home sold. Sometimes a realtor can’t get into your property because you’re unavailable or gave them the wrong key code… and then your home doesn’t get sold. Here we’re going to go over the importance of working WITH your realtor to make sure your Oakville home for sale gets sold.

Contact is Important

Contact is extremely important! You need to be able to stay in contact with your realtor (you’ll never have to worry about this with us!) but you’ll also need to make sure that you’re available too. If a realtor spots your listing on for example, but they don’t know when they can come by and we can’t reach you, your house may not be shown. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to sell your Oakville real estate when there are so many active buyers looking for property like yours.

Create an Atmosphere

When the day comes where you're having an open house or a showing, you need to create an environment that gets people to buy! This means getting up refreshments and snacks (be mindful that some people will invariably throw their trash away somewhere in your house), being friendly and making the home attractive. There are different services like home staging that can help you target the right kind of people who will be coming to your showing, getting them to buy and moving your Oakville real estate off the market faster.

Have Reasonable Expectations

It’s great to watch all of those “Flip a House” type shows, but that’s just not the reality of things. Your home is going to almost always be comparable to the homes around it and how much you’re going to get is pretty much set. Oakville real estate prices remain high, giving sellers better opportunities to sell their property. Since Toronto housing prices have been sky rocketing, more and more people are coming out to Oakville and the surrounding areas to find great homes. You’ll be able to find a lot of potential buyers that will be interested as long as you manage your expectations.

Have the Right Realtor

You don’t want just any realtor, you want the Goodale Miller team to help you achieve your home selling goals! We’ll be there for you from selecting the right price to your home through closing and finding a new home altogether. You shouldn’t have to settle for just any offer on your home, and we’ll be there to help guide you so you know what best course of action to take. Let us help you frame your home in the best way possible and attract the right buyers; contact us and see what we can do for you.

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