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With the weather turning colder and family life shifting indoors (again), we’re sure that most of us are still trying to find ways to squeeze in a little bit more of the warm weather and there’s surely no harm in that! In fact, there are plenty of ways to bring the elements of nature with you indoors to make your spaces extra warm and cozy!

Fall is just around the corner and though it usually signals the excitement brought on by the upcoming holidays, there are some challenges that usually accompanies it - placing your home’s energy efficiency in the spotlight of the things you must take care of for the colder months ahead, not to mention all the holidays you have to be prepared for!

So here’s our September home checklist. Do one or do all, what matters is you have a great time transitioning from summer to fall!

Time for an Energy Audit


Do you know that by following some (or all) of the suggested changes in an energy audit, you can save between 5% to 30% of your monthly energy bill? That’s a lot of savings! This is because an energy audit fully assesses the efficiency of how your home uses energy and provides you with ways on how you can dramatically improve it, from boosting insulation, to upgrading appliances, to weatherstripping. You can even have it done for free, as some gas and electric companies conduct free energy audits as part of their services. Go for a free assessment or hire an energy auditor, just be sure to heed their pointers to save on your energy bill!

Schedule Maintenance for the Heating System and the Chimney


For both your safety and your home’s energy efficiency, maintaining a properly working heating system and chimneys are of utmost importance. If you’re using a fireplace or perhaps a wood stove, a quick inspection and cleaning must be scheduled this fall.

Clean Up Utility Spaces


Summer is typically a flurry of activity and so most people would usually have some junk needing to be cleaned up, especially in the utility closet and junk drawer. You can expand the clean up to include any high traffic areas to make the transition to fall a lot smoother. After all, it is only a matter of weeks before you bring out the big jackets, sweaters, and other cold weather essentials and you’ll need some space for all of those!

Use Fall-Appropriate Textiles


Thicker and fluffier versions of your summer beddings, curtains, and pillows are a must! Who wouldn’t love to stay home when everything is so cuddly?

Bring Out the Candles


Lighting a few candles around the house makes for a welcoming mood and some great lighting as the sun begins to set earlier each day. You can go for your favorite scent or perhaps try using beeswax candles for it’s subtle fragrance and inviting warmth.

Are you ready for fall? You’ll love the holidays in cozy Oakville! Whether you are a resident or someone just passing by, you wouldn’t want to miss what the town has in store for you! No wonder Oakville homes are much-sought after. Contact us and let us know if you’re interested in making Oakville your home!

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