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You want to buy one of the many beautiful luxury homes for sale, but you want to make sure it’s a greener home. You care about the environment but you’re not sure if a green home can be found… but it can! If you’re buying a house or luxury condo you’ll come across many sellers who are saying that their home meets green standards; it’s important to know what separates a green home from a normal home (and it’s more than energy efficient kitchen appliances).

Green Light bulbs and Energy Efficient Appliances Does Not a Green Home Make

Seriously though, this would mean that any home could be green. You’re going to need to look at both the inside of a home and the outside to determine if it’s the right choice for you and if it meets your environmentally conscious demands. Look for the following things at pictures like:

Avocado and Golden Kitchen Appliances: We all remember these from the 70s and 80s; it’s a hallmark that the kitchen hasn’t undergone a renovation in a very long time. When people do a home energy rating audit the first place they start is in the kitchen.

Heating and Cooling: Heating and cooling systems are the worst anti-green offenders in a home. While Central Heating is thought to be the best in a home it’s not! You’ll want to look for homes with radiant heating; these use piped warm water underneath the floorboards. This is ideal since it doesn’t bring down air quality (no dust is transferred from room to room through vents) and it can heat an entire home without sending electric bills through the roof.

Water Heaters: Water heaters can be the worst offenders. Steer clear of Oakville real estate for sale that has old fashioned water heaters. You want an ad-hoc or “on demand” water heater that heats water as needed; this will not only save you big on your energy bills but also burns less fossil fuels.

Is the Home Design Green?

How much of the home faces the light? If many of the windows are facing south you’ll be able to warm and light your home all day long, saving money. Just because a home is newer doesn't necessarily mean that the materials are greener; ask if the home was constructed or remodelled with green or upcycled materials.

How Green is the Location?

You have to ask yourself how green is the location? Are all of the things you’re looking for nearby in walking distance so you can cut down on your use of a car? Are there fresh markets nearby, good schools that you can walk your children to? Are there health centers, will it be close to work or transit? These are things you need to ask yourself before buying a piece of Oakville real estate for sale that promises it’s green.

Buying greener real estate isn’t always easy, but we can help. Let us help you find the right home for your needs.

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