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We’ve talked here before about the myth of the three bedroom condo, but why are they so rare? And if they’re rare, is it the kind of Oakville real estate you want to invest in? Here we’re going to talk about three bedroom condos and Oakville luxury condos for sale in general, and how you can make the most of your money when you invest in a condo. Always remember that you don’t want to get into any investment without talking to us first! We’ll be able to help you find the right home for you.

Why Condos?

The first thing people always say about condos is that they’re so easy to take care of. You can get a great deal on many different condos, but the three bedroom condo is a bit ubiquitous. Think about it, a three bedroom condo will run you over 500,000 for a thousand square feet. A three bedroom house on the other hand will run less and you’ll get much more in terms of space and value. Condos are great for small families, but as the metrics go up and up the cost of your Oakville real estate can sky rocket. This is why the most common condo sold in the GTA will be a one or two bedroom unit.

Should You Get a House Instead?

If you do want a three bedroom condo, it will cost you. You’ll really want to think about whether or not you really want a condo. Condos are close to downtown and built up areas, so you’ll always be close to the things that matter to you. If you want to get away from it all, a house might be a better option. It really depends on where you are in life. If you need more and more space, it will be a bad investment. But if you’re rightsizing your life, don’t need the room to grow or are just starting out, a condo is a great investment.

Know Your Fees

Before buying Oakville real estate like condos you’re going to need to get something called a status certificate! You’ll know what your monthly fees are, any information about the condo (like if they have a judgement against them or if they’ve sued tenants) so you’ll know what you’re getting into. As condos get bigger, the HOA fees begin to rise too. If you do find a three bedroom condo in Oakville you could pay high monthly fees.

This might not matter much to you though if you know what you want! Knowing where to find these condos isn’t easy, but that’s where we come in. We’re experienced Oakville real estate agents that have worked in the Oakville market for years. We know who is buying, who is selling and how to find the right home for you. Why settle for a house or a condo when you can have the perfect home that suits your every (well almost!) need?

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