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Sales for luxury pre-construction have been steadily rising in top Canadian cities such as Toronto and the GTA, including Oakville. Competition has been rising as well, with builders competing on location, design, features, and amenities. It is easy to get confused when bombarded by sales talk and stunning offers; but the question is, should you consider luxury pre-construction? And if the answer is yes, what should you look for? Below are our expert-recommended considerations when buying luxury pre-construction.

Understand What Luxury Pre-construction Is

Luxury Pre-construction is called as such because it goes way beyond than merely building high-end units. True luxury pre-construction means units are limited and located in an exclusive location. Finishes are only the very best.

Note the Location

Although marketing spiels often use the words 'luxury pre-construction', only a few locations are worth the investment. Location should be in a refined area of the town with enough security, has to be near the centre of the action but remain exclusive, and is within reach of leisure options. A luxury location should make life easier, not be out in the middle of nowhere.

Look Up Amenities

Amenities can vary by a lot. You need to consider what amenities are important for you and if you want them available where your luxury pre-construction is or if you are willing to have them farther away. Do not shy away from asking about the availability of a gym, a pool, a sauna, and more especially when deciding between choices of luxury pre-construction options.

Size and Finishes for the Project

Projects for luxury pre-construction usually come with fewer units and are smaller overall. They emphasize features that are tailored to a more affluent lifestyle and can have add-ons not typically found in other projects such as a loft, an elevator, matching cabinetry, and more. Prospective buyers are given a choice of finishes from a pre-selected array of exclusive luxury design. Buyers can then choose which one suits their tastes better. Some luxury pre-construction have a provision for more customization such as adding room dividers and allowing for combining some rooms to create a better floor plan.

Perfect Timeline

Make sure to note when the projects you are considering are going to have a turnover. If in doubt, check out the project history or the track record of the builders to see if they usually finish on target date and if other home buyers are happy with their timeline. Reliability is the keyword here and choosing to go with the right builders can be the difference between home happiness or months of frustrations when the property isn’t delivered on time.

Are you serious about buying luxury pre-construction in Toronto? Then talk to our realtors today! We take pride in providing happy homes to home buyers and take each client relationship as a priority. Whether you’re looking for luxury pre-construction for yourself or as an investment, feel free to contact us and we'll match you with the luxury home and neighbourhood of your dreams!

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