Posted 9.14.12 @ 12:40 by: Staff

Figuring out if you want to renovate your Oakville real estate (condos especially!) now before you move in or later when you can budget it is tough. During the pre-build stage you’ll have so many options open to you, and sometimes you can get them bundled together at a discount. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to figure out what things will look like in the pre-build stage; when looking at packages take your time. Research your options so you can get the home that’s best for you. If you just can’t tell if things are right for you, it may be better to wait.

What is a Finish Package?

When you buy a pre-build stage condo, you’ll be able to choose different installation options known as a “finish package”. This could be lighting, it could be glass tile backsplashes in your kitchen, it can be flooring and even window UV treatments. All of these things are what turn your Oakville real estate from a house to a home. It’s important to pay close attention to what options are offered to you with your package; you may want to go ahead and have your lighting installed BEFORE you move in.

Lighting is a very difficult thing to get done, and the last thing you want to do is move into a condo where the lights just aren’t coming on. If the builder offers pot lighting while the unit is being constructed, do it! You’ll be able to get everything in without having to worry about electricians and outlets later, plus you’ll end up with a fantastic home that’s built to last.

Why Renovate When You Can Build?

There are some things, like lighting mentioned above, that make your Oakville real estate worth more. It can cost you much more to put in sky lights later than it would to just have it built in. It’s important though to keep perspective when choosing what options you want with your build. It’s great to make your home unique to you, but you’ll also want perspective too! What kinds of renovations are going to help you sell your home later, and which ones are just going to hinder that? You’ll want to keep the main things people search for in a condo intact (a bedroom, a lounge, kitchen, etc.) so that you don’t end up with a white rhino that no one will want to buy.

With Oakville real estate it always comes down to needs and wants; it’s not just with Oakville homes for sale though, it goes the same for just about every piece of real estate. You have to walk that fine line between what you think is wonderful in a home and what others will too. Always keep an eye towards the future, try and steer clear of too much idiosyncrasy in your build. This way you’ll be able to get the home you’ve always wanted without taking your home permanently off the market.

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