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Getting your home appraised at a higher rate is one of the most important things that you can do when trying to sell your home. But how do you sell it for a higher amount, and how can you be sure that you’re doing it right? Here we’re going to go over a few easy ways that you can get a higher appraisal rate, and how you might be able to beat out other Oakville homes for sale in the same neighbourhood.

Spruce Up Your Property

You need to give your home that curb appeal to attract potential buyers who are just walking around and driving by. Landscaping can go a long way right before a showing; make sure that your hedges get trimmed, get flowers planted and showcase the outside. Clean up your windows and exterior, hiring someone with power washer if you need to.

Consider Home Staging

If your home is cluttered or empty, you may want to consider using a home staging service. Many will say that the way your home looks doesn’t factor into the appraiser’s consideration, but they’re wrong. It’s all up to how they feel about things and you want to show them that you’ve taken good care of your property, improved it and it’s worth more than you bought it for.

Get More than One Appraiser

You want more than one appraiser to look at your house so you can get a different spin on things. Some will value your home for less than another, just because the surrounding homes are shabby or you’ve just improved your home much more compared to the rest of your neighbourhood. An Oakville realtor will be able to help you find a good appraiser for your home.

Hide Your Pets

Pets will make your home look a little less desirable to a housing appraiser, so you can crate them up and send them to a friend’s house for the day; if you can’t do this, try to just keep them out of the way if you must. It’s a sad fact that many people just don’t like pets and if the appraiser finds out you have had pets in the hope it can dent the value.

Be Wise with Updates

Sometimes you need to improve something to get that extra bump; but you shouldn’t spend $3,000 on kitchen cabinets when it’s only going to net you a $500 increase on your appraisal. Think of small things you can do like changing light bulbs to prove they work, plant some flowers in the front of the house and repair loose tiles and broken fixtures or doorknobs. Keep it as light as possible so you can maximise your return on your investment.

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