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For a group of Oakville residents from Wedgewood Drive, their quest to get more speed bumps on their streets to slow down speeding vehicles is still at a screeching halt. The speeding issue on Wedgewood Drive has been a problem for at least two decades.

Wedgewood Drive’s Speeding Traffic Concern

Speaking with Inside Halton, Keri Currie, a mother of two young children and a Wedgewood resident for 5 years says that she fears for the safety of her children, and for a good reason - Wedgewood has four different schools in its vicinity, St. Vincent Elementary School, E.J. James Public School, Oakville Trafalgar High School and Maple Grove Public School. Currie says that cars go at around 80 to 120 kilometers per hour on streets in which children are biking and taking a walk.

Oakville Traffic Reports Tells the Story

According from Currie, traffic reports from the town of Oakville gives a clear picture of the problem; as is shown on a 24 hour monitoring of Wedgewood Drive in November 2011. In that 24 hours period, records shows that the streets catered to 824 vehicles, 356 of which were speeding at more than 50km/hr. The records approximate that the vehicles were being driven at a speed of 55-60 km/h. What is more alarming is that 49 additional vehicles were recorded to be speeding at 60-65 km/h and that 7 more are speeding at 80-120 km/h - that’s about twice the speed limit of 50 km/h.

Authorities Appear to Need More Convincing

Halton police were able to issue only a handful of tickets when they monitored the traffic at Wedgewood Drive, hence the town authorities may not feel the need for road bumps.

Keith Bird, the Ward 3 Town and Regional Councilor says that the police don’t see those speeding tickets as an issue. He further says, “Maybe it was the wrong time or day, but I don’t believe they’ve been able to really get a handle on the volume of speeding the residents say occurs there on a fairly regular basis”. While Bird says that he thinks the speeding issue is a real problem at Wedgewood, the Town staff should also provide new report about the speeding issue to the council.

Adam Bell, Oakville’s Traffic Technologist says that traffic calming measures are indeed needed based on recent studies which indicates that the majority of the residential street traffic is speeding at more than 10 km/h above the 50 km/h speed limit. He says that although it is not as high as which is noted in other locations, it is still not ideal for the residents.

Previous Wedgewood Traffic Slowing Down Measures

Bell says that the Town has tried other means of reducing the traffic speed at Wedgewood such as allowing street parking as suggested by a resident of the area. This initiative was based on the premise that more cars on the streets may cause motorists to be more careful and to slow down, but it didn’t work.

Bell says he is aware of the residents wanting more speed bumps, but also says that such a measure to calm down traffic is reserved for certain areas like elementary school zones and not meant for long roads such as Wedgwood which would need more than 20 sets of speed cushions.

Bird says that the same measure has been used to slow down vehicles at Chartwell Road and has not been successful because it caused problems to emergency vehicles traversing the area.

Wedgewood Speed Solution is Still at a Standstill

Currie came up with the suggestion of placing speed bumps on strategic locations on the road, such as the downhill slope where traffic tends to accelerate but the Town is leaning towards placing radar sign on the road and monitoring the impact it will have on speeding. Currie remains skeptical to the reliability of the data to be gathered from this monitoring and pointed out that Wedgewood came up 13th in the list of roadways which qualified for traffic calming in a 2004 Town Community Services Committee report. For 10 years since the report, no long term solution has been done about the issue and this leaves residents like Currie frustrated.

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