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There is more to Oakville, Ontario than just it’s breathtaking waterfront, a variety of family-friendly attractions, and having a collection of of beautiful historic buildings. The affluent community is also home to a significant number of the best private schools in Canada.

In this write-up, we’re featuring 8 of the best private schools in Oakville, Ontario. There is a choice for almost everyone as there are schools with a Christian program, those with traditional education, as well as those with a modern 21st-century-based curriculum. Here they are in no particular order.

Chisholm Academy

Chisholm Academy has 3 branches that work together to generate an independent education plan (or IEP) that is best for your child. Their 3 branches are the Chisholm Assessment Centre, their tutoring service, and the Chisholm full-time educational program. Chisholm’s curriculum is more traditional for their elementary and secondary school students. The students are able to take a wide range of available courses for their optimal learning and growth.

Clanmore Montessori School

Clanmore Montessori private school covers kindergarten up to middle school and is located on a campus with lots of greenery. The school offers a wide range of amenities including extended day options, on-site extracurricular activities, and daily catered lunches. The student to teacher ratio is quite low, ensuring a more focused approach to educating each child.

Glenburnie School

Glenburnie School offers a 21st-century classroom setting where children from preschool to Grade 8 can enjoy the latest teaching techniques in a cutting-edge technology classroom. Class sizes are typically between 8 to 18 students. The school hosts plenty of activities for the faculty, the students, and the parents year-round.

MacLachlan College

MacLachlan College remains as one of the highest-rated private schools in Oakville. Located in a historic building situated in Old Oakville, MacLachlan College has integrated classroom technology for students from preschool to Grade 12. Their well-rounded approach to education is renowned all over Canada.

Oakville Christian School

Oakville Christian School fuses religious upbringing with top-notch education. They instill Christian values and traits while making sure to equip each child with real skills and knowledge in a creative learning environment. Education at Oakville Christian School is supported by a computer lab and Smart Board technology but the cream of the educational experience for students is the numerous special events throughout the year enjoyed by faculty, students, and parents.

Rotherglen School

Rotherglen School operates on 4 campuses in Oakville and Mississauga. They use a Montessori curriculum and caters to children from preschool to Grade 8. Both alternative and individualised teaching methods are used in Rotherglen School and classroom size is capped at a maximum of 18 students.

St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School

St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School is one of the oldest schools in the entire GTA, having opened its doors 125 years ago. This girls-only school covers preschool up to Grade 12 and boasts of a nearly all-female staff that strive together to promote a strong and positive learning environment to produce exceptional young women. The focus of education is on promoting optimal intellectual, emotional, physical, and mental development for the students.

Toronto International Academy - Oakville

Toronto International Academy – Oakville is one of the most prestigious private schools in the GTA for many reasons. These reasons include small class sizes, a diverse class body for learning about customs and cultures around the world, and maximal teacher-student interaction. The school also offers specialised programs such as Test Preparation for SATs, ESL Certificate Program, AP Courses, and TOEFL to help foreign students improve their English language skills.

Oakville Ontario is definitely a haven for families looking for a community to raise their children in. If you’re planning to move to the area and looking for an Oakville home that’s perfect for your family, contact us today!

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