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We’ve covered this topic in length already, but the Oakville Town Council has announced that there will be a special meeting April 7th about the new Canada Post Community mailboxes.

Many residents in Oakville will be converted over the new community mailbox system later this year, but there are still many questions surrounding how the system will be implemented. Many are concerned that the mailboxes won’t be constructed in time before their home mail delivery gets cut off, while others are concerned about elderly friends and loved ones that won’t be able to check the boxes often.

Oakville’s own, Mayor Rob Burton, set up the meeting so Oakville’s Federal MPs could explain to Oakville residents what they need to expect, answer their questions and help them understand if there’s anything they can do to make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Change Expected by Fall 2014

The change over from door-to-door mail delivery to community mailboxes is supposed to be completed by the end of autumn later this year - but what does that mean for you? Will the mailboxes get built on time, will they be in safe places?

These are all questions that should be addressed at the meeting. There are going to be representatives of Canada Post present that will answer your questions, give a short presentation and help you know if you’re in the impact zone and how this will affect you.

Most Canadians Receive Mail from Community Mailboxes

While this change is new to the Oakville area, many Canadians (about 2/3rds) already receive their mail in community mail boxes. Citing budgetary concerns, Canada Post has made clear that it’s more cost, energy and time efficient to deliver mail to one central location for a community than to one house after another, day after day.

Mayor Skeptical About Changeover

“Canada Post and Oakville’s Federal MPs need to help Oakville residents with answers to their questions about the move from home mail delivery to community mailboxes,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “Residents are encouraged to attend the April 7 Special Council Meeting and have their questions answered.”

The mayor has been quoted many times by The Oakville Beaver and The Toronto Star that he is skeptical about the changeover, citing “federal incompetence” and that “there wasn’t enough time to get it all done”. And while he may be right, it’s still important to remember that this change is coming, and while many of us may still receive door to door mail delivery, eventually community mailboxes will become the norm.

The Town Council is also working on concerns about the community mail boxes being in appropriate areas that are well lit and safe, even at night. Each neighbourhood will have different considerations and some special planning may be required.

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