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Would you be willing to pay $640 for the pricey yet ultra-lux Sferra Milos Egyptian Cotton Sateen sheets, or would you splurge $2500 for a set of sheets made with gold and silk jacquard? Is it even worth it?

Thread counts are measured per square inch both horizontally and vertically; if a manufacturer packs in a higher amount of thinner threads into that square inch, they can get away with giving you the same amount of fabric with a higher thread count and for more money.

But value, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder!

$650: 1020 TC Sferro Milos Egyptian Cotton Sateen

These sheets are made with long staple cotton imported from Africa to Italy, where it’s spun into high quality bed linens that are exported around the world. Part of the “Ne Plus Ultra Collection”, they’re weaved into a sateen pattern like a silk, slick, shiny and so comfortable.

Seamless Dreamsacks Silk Sheets: $715

This one just goes to show you that it’s not all about the cotton - these silk sheets are spun from the finest silk available. The silk fabric is washed with sand before it’s made into sheets that can stand up to just about any four digit thread count sheets out there today on the market.

$800: 1020 TC Sateen by Milos

Another set of Egyptian cotton sheets spun up into beautiful fabric in Italy - but what makes these different? They’re made with gossamer yarn spun from long staple cotton, creating a fine webbed fabric that rustles ever so gently.

Frette Hellas Sheets: $1750

Like so many others in our list, these are Italian sheets made from Egyptian cotton - all with a cotton sateen finish that’s probably washed with sand (no information is available about the process sadly). The highest cost set is the Seaweed Border set; dotted by anemones and seaweed patterns along the edges of the sheets and shams, it’ll add a touch of whimsy to your bed.

$2500: 1000 TC Charlotte Thomas

When you want the best of the best, you probably won’t be able to do better than these “bespoke” sheets. Made with Merino wool, 22-carat gold, Egyptian cotton and silk jacquard fabric. These 1000 thread count sheets are far from threadbare, and each set is custom made to your exacting specifications. It takes 1-3 months to complete a single set - oh the pain of bespoke luxury.

It’s a good idea to hit the stores to get acquainted with weave patterns, finishes and thread counts - especially if you’re planning on buying online.

But buying the right sheets pales in comparison with buying the perfect home (if only we could find a $2,500 luxury home!) - but we’re here to help! If you’ve been thinking about selling your home or buying, but you’re just not sure if now is the right time or how to best go about it, give us a call today and experience the difference the Goodale Miller Team can make!

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