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Why be stuck with stainless steel in the kitchen when there are so many reasons and ways to bring in colour? We’re not bringing back the 70’s and the 60’s but instead ushering in a new kitchen trend for those who want to add more character to their kitchen. Take a look at tips on how you can replace stainless steel with colour below!

Inject Colour with Appliances


Kitchen appliances are now available in a variety of non-traditional hues. You can opt to choose all your appliances in one colour or perhaps mix and match them in various complementary shades. Another option is to just pick a few key pieces to buy in colour and keep the rest either white or stainless steel for a fun yet still sophisticated look.

Try Scandinavian Cottage Feel


A Nordic cottage feel may not be as colourful as the other ideas in this list, but it can be the perfect backdrop for you to introduce more colours and design elements later. It can also be easily updated with seasonal décor throughout the year.

Go Retro


The avocado green of yester-years go by wasabi these days, and the muted orange colour from decades ago is now known as creamsicle. Why not bring in a few appliances in these hue to give your kitchen a new look?

Make it Spicy


Picking your appliance colours in shades that are reminiscent of spices will bring new life into your kitchen. This tip goes well for a kitchen in muted colours.

Match Your Decor and Appliances


We don’t mean to just keep them all in the same colour family but perhaps picking appliance and decor colour in complementing hues could be more right up your alley. This will give you more elbow room with regards to picking items for your kitchen.

Custom Match Your Appliance Colour


Do you know that you can get your appliances powder coated to match your cabinets or perhaps your backsplash? Once you find a company that can do this for you in your area, you’d surely enjoy picking which of your stainless steel appliances you want a new look for.

Don’t Shy Away from Contrast


Red appliances in a white kitchen look amazing; same as bright pastel appliances in a granite or dark-hued kitchen. You’d be surprised at how well contrast can work for you.

Make Your Cooktop the Focal Point


Cooking ranges now come in a variety of designs that can even be customised to match your cabinetry. This would be a great way to update your kitchen without being too adventurous with changes.

Opt for Customised Range Hood to Match Other Appliances


When you can’t find a cooking range in the colour or design you want, you can always get away with customising your range hood instead. The result would be less impactful but will nevertheless still tie up your cooking range with the rest of your kitchen that’s in colour.

Look Into Innovative Options

Do you know that a major appliance brand is developing a range of products that come with interchangeable skins so you can easily change their colours as though you’re just changing phone covers? This will definitely save you money if you can’t commit to just one colour!

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