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As more and more people move to urban areas where space is at a premium, living in homes with small (or at least smaller) bathrooms is a reality even for those who can afford luxury. Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to style a small bathroom so that it will fit more features than what most would expect for its size. The best part? They can be very chic and stylish too!

Keeping things Bright


White subway tiles can do wonders for a small bathroom especially when paired with gray grout and simple accessories. It’s the perfect backdrop too for any personal touches you may want to add.

Try Indulging in Darker Shades


If white and bright is not your style, a deep taupe might be worth a try, especially for a shower enclosure. Just don’t forget to balance out lighting with this tip. The goal is to create a spa-like atmosphere, not a gloomy one.

Use Corners to the Fullest


Corner shower enclosures are cooler than you think. They fit in any bathroom and can make a small bathroom feel bigger. If you’re already happy with where your shower is, try a corner-mount furniture instead. This will open your bathroom’s space and draw the eyes to the corners.

Go for a Tiny Tub


A tiny tub beneath the eaves can make a small bathroom seem larger. To get the most out of this tip, go for a bold or uniquely shaped tub. This way, your tub will double as an interesting design element.

Built-In Shelving All the Way!


Storage space is always welcome, more so in a small bathroom. Use every inch of available space the smart way by fitting built-in shelves in nooks and alcoves. With careful colour selection and attention to details, your built-in shelving can even make your bathroom look prettier.

Use Soothing Colours


Do not shy away from using colours in a small bathroom. The trick is in choosing soothing colours that work together with the room’s architecture to add visual appeal to the space. A soft gray, pastel pink, or a wisp of blue are perfect hues to use.

Use Awkward Architecture to Your Advantage


Add unexpected finishes to awkward spaces to make them look like they should be there. For instance, if you’ve got a sloping roof, add a giant sky light to maximise space, bring in light, and make your bathroom look more interesting. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Create a Space with a Ton of Personality


Small doesn’t have to mean boring or minimalist. Your pocket size bathroom can stir quite a punch if you let bits and pieces of your personality soak into the design. If you love quirky details, go for them! Do you collect travel mementoes? Feel free to display some in your bathroom! It’s your bathroom after all!

Aren’t you surprised at how you can make small bathrooms work for you? Now you won’t have to wish for a bigger bathroom when you find the perfect quaint Oakville home for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a home in Oakville!

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