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As in past years, many members of our Goodale Miller Team came together for this special evening; held on November 5th at the Burlington Convention Centre. The event’s theme always reflects the cause, and this year’s ‘Heart of Gold’ storyline was represented throughout this gala; which went on to raise a record $1 Million to help fund essential equipment for the hospital moving forward. According to Suzanne Hallsworth, the foundation’s Director of Communications, “More than half of this money was raised during ‘Cause-within-a-Cause’, a fast-paced fundraising activity that began with Chairman of the Board Bruce Galloway committing to a matching pledge of $250,000. Gala patrons quickly reached that goal, and in fact exceeded it; raising the necessary funds to purchase the entire annual equipment needs for the surgical department.” Additional funds were raised through contests and auctions held throughout this special night; bringing the 20 year total to more than $5 Million.

“Myself and all my siblings were born at the Oakville Hospital”, says Don Goodale. “I had my tonsils out there! I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to contribute back to a facility that’s played such a large and important role in mine and my family’s lives. Plus, we always have a great time! Everything is first class, and this year was no exception.” Michelle Epstein was suitably impressed: “This was my first time attending, and it was so great to see people of means coming out to help make world-class healthcare facilities available to everyone in our community, regardless of income level. I was astounded by the generosity of the attendees.” GMT’s Daniel Wilson echoed Ms. Epstein’s review, stating “What a great opportunity to reconnect with clients and friends while supporting such an important local cause. OTMH has played a vital role in the story of many of our lives, and it’s impressive to see the community come together to give back.”

Click on the following link for more information on the OTMH Foundation  Details on their next fundraising event can be found in our recent blog post: Swim for Mental Health

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