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Talking about golf in Canada won’t be a complete story unless we’ve touched on the best Canadian Open moments that happened at Glen Abbey. The Glen Abbey Golf Course has been the Canadian Open’s de facto home for more than 3 decades now, with the international golfing event having been held at the world-famous golf course from 1976 to 2000 and still hosts the tournament there to this day from time to time.

A Favourite of World-Class Players

The Glen Abbey Golf Course is a favourite by world-class players and spectators alike because of how well-designed the golf course is and because the golfing events held at the venue by Golf Canada are always top-notch. Because of this, some of the world’s most iconic golfing moments took place at Glen Abbey. Read about them below!

Best Canadian Open Moments

One of the shining golf moments in Glen Abbey’s history was when Tiger Woods won in 2000. At the time, the golfing legend was the holder of 3 consecutive major championships (The PGA championship, the US Open, and the British Open), a feat that was matched by just 1 other man, Lee Trevino. That year, Tiger Woods made another mark in golf history by hitting six-iron-from-the-bunker-over-the-water-to-a-tucked-pin on 18 and made one of the most famous shots in all of golf’s history.

Mike Weir had a momentous moment at Glen Abbey 4 years after Wood’s iconic shot but for what some may say are the opposite of a winning moment. It was a series of unfortunate shots that made Weir lose to Woods and Singh perhaps partly because of over-eager fans or him simply not being himself that day. This was huge because as many knows, Weir won 7 times in a period of just 5 years, with the last one prior to this time won in 2003. How it happened was nearly unbelievable.

The most memorable golfing moments at Glen Abbey isn’t just about staggering loses and mind-boggling winning shots. Some are note-worthy for other reasons. A quirky moment was when Ken Green mispronounced the name of the sponsor du Murier during his victory speech. He was not invited for the following year’s media day, lest he makes the same blunder again.

The Future of Golf at Glen Abbey

The above is not the full list of the most memorable golfing moments at Glen Abbey. The Canadian Open had its share of being in the headlines lately because of other reasons related to real estate development in the area.

Things have taken a positive note if we’re to talk about the recent Canadian Open. Phil Michelson didn’t do well 2 decades ago when he played at Glen Abbey and as a result, he almost did not play for this year’s tournament. He went and won his 5th major title despite being back to the Canadian Open just twice. Now, that’s a real shot of talent and luck!

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