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Luxury home buyers are looking for top amenities, but what other characteristics are they looking for in a home? Aside from home designer trends, what are other ways to achieve elegance and a high-end feel for your home? Find out below!

Decorate with Plants and Other Natural Elements

Adding a touch of green and some blooms is a tried and tested way of adding minimalistic elegance to a space. Orchids are particularly great for this as they do well in the shade or indoors and bloom throughout the year. If you don’t have a green thumb, succulents don’t need much maintenance. You can also opt for water bamboo or perhaps use dried twigs arranged in tall vases. Stones are great for décor too!

Invest in Finishing Touches

Luxury is all about the details. The type of hardware you use in your kitchen can elevate a kitchen done on a budget. The same goes for the bedroom. Affordable white sheets, pillowcases, and bedding items instantly get a luxe upgrade if you mix in a faux fur rug or throw. You can achieve the same by investing in matching towels for the bathrooms. You can’t go wrong with white towels and white candles for a spa-like ambiance.

Designate a Focal Point for Every Room

A tell-tale sign of a designer room is cohesiveness, and you can emphasize this by having a focal point for every room. A focal point doesn’t have to be an expensive artwork or a new element. You can showcase key details in the room by rearranging furniture and décor in such a way that the eye is naturally drawn to your chosen focal point. A huge window can easily become a room’s focal point by framing furniture around it. If you don’t have a fireplace, a huge artwork, or a big window, you can hang an ornate mirror to achieve the same results.

Transform Your Bedroom into Luxurious Peace Oasis

The bedroom is where you will spend the majority of your precious alone time so it only makes sense for you to invest in upgrading and updating it to be your very own oasis of peace. Make sure that you have crisp sheets, the right mattress, fluffy pillows, and quality bedding. Install dimmers for the lighting and be sure to get black-out curtains. If you’re going for a seamless hotel feel, consider mounting your television or installing it on a custom-built armoire so it can be out of view when not in use.

Get the Right Feel by Tweaking the Ambiance

A home can look amazing but it won’t feel like a home if it doesn’t feel like it. Achieve sophistication and elegance by installing soft lighting and layering sources of light. A quality sound system will also go a long way in adding a luxe touch to your home. Lastly, make sure everything looks clean and seamless by hiding wires or installing them in such a way that they won’t be seen in the open. The less visual clutter, the better!

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