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Where people roam, there is always some sort of drama unfolding. Who needs that when you’re just trying to buy Oakville real estate? Here we’re going to go over the 4 Golden Rules for buying a home; from securing your financing to closing out the deal, you’re just a few steps away from buying your own home! Remember that it pays to understand what you’re doing with this, so make sure that you’ve done your research and you’re completely prepared to buy a home before you get started.

First Step: Get Your Financing Sorted

It’s important to make sure that your financing is sorted before you start looking for a house. We’ve discussed this before on the site in other articles, but it really is important. This can be as easy as going to your lender and filling out a mortgage application, but it could mean seeing a mortgage broker too. Whatever route you choose, make sure you do your research and understand everything before you sign on. Before you buy any Oakville real estate make sure that you have all of your financing sorted out so you can eliminate any excess wait time.

Second Step: Know What You Want and Need

Notice the order those two are in? You need to take an honest look at your home now. Why do you want to buy Oakville luxury real estate? Where do you want to move to? What’s lacking in this house that you hope to find in a new one? You’re going to need to boil down to what your needs really are before you even think about moving into a new place. This way you get what you want, and you don’t try and mold your expectations to a property you just happen to like.

Third Step: Talk to Us!

You’re going to need a good Oakville real estate or realtor who has a lot of experience, and that’s us! We can guide you through every step of the process; know what forms to fill out, what an appropriate bid is for a certain home, what neighbourhoods to look at and more. When you choose the Goodale Miller team to help you buy your home, you get the best realtors in Oakville. You’ll be able to find the right house, and then you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Fourth Step: Buying Oakville Real Estate

Sometimes buying the house is the easiest part. We’ll help you put in an appropriate bid and figure out if this is the house you want to put down an earnest money deposit on or not. If your bid is accepted and you’re ready to move forward, we can recommend a good Oakville real estate lawyer who can help you examine the terms of the sale so you can protect yourself financially. We’ll help you through closing, answering any questions that you may have.

Want a home drama free? Research and let us help you! Get what you need and avoid what you don’t.

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